It’s that time of year again.

The snowdrops are out and I’m beginning to feel like the hedgehog at the bottom of my garden, it’s time to emerge from the the cosy place that has kept me warm during the winter and start thinking about doing some work.

The snowdrops are out, and as they have done over the past 20 years, they inspired me to get busy and make something.

Out came the clay and I set to work, it felt good to be making something again. My hands coped quite well but I scaled down on the quantity of tiles made, in the past it would have been a lot more.

I gathered a few seedheads on my walk too.

Some have been fired already and will be in my shop now, some are waiting until I have a kiln load ready.

These plant tiles always make me happy when I’m making them, it’s like sharing a little piece of my neighbourhood.

There are some hearts as well as the wall tiles.

I have some snowdrop trinket dishes waiting to be glazed, hopefully they will be ready to show you before too long.

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