Handpainted porcelain lustreware – 'Seeds and leaves' range.

seeds and leaves range of coordinated porcelain‘Seeds and leaves’ is a range of handpainted porcelain lustreware which I designed for British Trade Craft fair last year. I’ve supplied shops and galleries, and sold this range very successfully at craft fairs so now I’ve decided to offer it direct to the public through my Etsy shop.


This is a co-ordinated range of porcelain pieces for the home, including several shapes of bowls and vases, boxes and tea light holders.

The range is available in 5 colour schemes soft blue, soft green, russet, berry and pewter, with either platinum or gold penwork detailing. Each piece is entirely handpainted and hand drawn, and combined with my ‘wet in wet’ lustre painting technique means no two pieces will ever be the same, they are collectables as they are designed to coordinate

Galleries, shops and interior designers please contact me if you would like an information pack including a trade price list.

Seeds and leaves

As this is a mix and match range of porcelain, you choose the design, colour scheme and porcelain shape(subject to availability). Click here to view choices available.

Contact me through my website to discuss your requirements

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