Handpainted porcelain vase – black & white zentangle dandelions

 hand painted porcelain zentangle dandelion vasehandpainted vase black & white dandelion zentangle design


art vaseI’ve just listed this handpainted porcelain vase  in my shop. I’ll find it hard to part with this piece as it took so long to paint. It’s OOAK, and has black & white zentangle dandelion design, painted on a Limoges porcelain vase using overglaze enamels and mother of pearl lustre.
The vase measures 24cx x 25cm approximately, it’s really quite heavy and gave me a sore wrist in the 3 days it took to paint it.
Here’s a bit of information about the painting process…………
First mat white enamel was applied to the vase, and allowed to dry, then the zentangle weeds design was scratched out using a toothpick in the sgraffito manner. The mat white enamel is pink until it’s fired, this makes it easer to see.The dandelions were hand penned using a mapping pen and black enamel, this isn’t my most favourite technique, penwork has taken a bit of time to master, but that is the nature of skilled work. After firing a coat of mother of pearl lustre, and liquid platinum details were applied to the vase, it was then re-fired to make the design permanent. I have to say I’m quite proud of this unique artwork, it is a collectors item.
The vase is signed by me ,the artist, on the base.

Here’s a post I wrote earlier telling more about this new range of handpainted porcelain, why not commission your own unique vase or any item of hand painted pottery.

And here’s a little video I’ve put together using pictures taken during the painting process, these pieces of hand painted porcelain are my babies so I like to keep a record to remember them when they leave home.

Vase, handpainted zentangle, dandelion design

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