New dichroic pendants- Harlequin range


Dichroic glass pendant – freeform Harlequin design

I’m really pleased that my new range of dichroic glass Harlequin pendants are proving popular, I suppose it’s because these colourful fused dichroic glass pendants would brighten any dull rainy autumn day.

Just as well I had a batch of glass pendants in the kiln from firing on Friday, all I need to do is attach the bails and add a neck wire, or chain,depending on customer requirements.

freeform colourful glass for pendants

I’ve just finished photographing the first Harlequin pendant, and it’s now listed in my shop. Due to customer demand I am now offering a choice of neck wire or silver tone snake chain with these pendants.

dichroic glass freeform pendant

choice of neck wire or chain with 'Harlequin' glass pendant

If you are reading this you can help me out with a bit of research, I’d love to hear what you think of these freeform dichroic glass pendants, and whether your personal choice would be a snake chain, or neck wire.

I shall list more of these later in the week, click here to have a look at more fused glass jewellery from Kiln Fired Art.

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