Zentangle pendants

Zentangle pendants.

Those of you who are following my blog will will know already that I had some original zentangle drawings made into decals. I have been using them to make zentangle mugs, plates and boxes so far, but now I’m making zentangle  pendants in porcelain, and glass.

These pendants are in my Etsy shop

The porcelain heart pendants have zentangles on both sides so by flipping the bail they are reversible.

Also glass zen doodle pendants, the red zentangle pendant is dichroic glass and the blue zen pendant is opal glass, I shall be adding this new range to my   Dichroic Glass Pendants shop soon. or visit Kiln Fired Art on Etsy




6 Responses to Zentangle pendants

  1. Darlene says:

    Absolutely love your zendoodles. I purchased three of your decal sheets and several blank pendants. I plan to put them on china, then color them. Thanks so much. I too have more ideas than time. Isn’t it wonderful. I’m currently firing the paintings of my three grandkids. They all used the same color pallet, but have totally different pieces. The eight year old painted “mountains with green donuts on top and sprinkles on the donuts.” He used tape, sponges, and a stylus. No brush. I love it.

    • jille says:

      Hello Darlene, it’s great to get feedback and hear what people are doing with the decals. i will have to do some, coloured in ones soon

  2. jean says:

    love your work such good ideas. i bought some of your decals, used them over fools gold
    looked great

    • jille says:

      Hi Jean, i haven’t tried the decals over fools gold but I can imagine they look great, thanks for sharing

  3. Maxine Kohlhagen says:

    These are great Jill. Thanks for sharing all your different techniques you experiment with. You give me many inspiring ideas. items.

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