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Design Sketchbook Pages – Geology

I am trying to develop a rhythm with doing my sketchbook pages, and I thought blogging would help me establish my practice on a regular basis. I’m not sure how regular my regular will be but time will tell. For now it’s probably going to be monthly with the possibility of an extra post now and then if I develop something into a finished piece that I might want to share to chart my progress if you like.

The theme my sketchbook group chose for April was Geology, which is just up my street as we have loads of geology books and I have hundreds of photos of rocks from my walks.

Things do have a habit of not going quite as planned and I have found myself with very little spare time this month so I decided to work on my pages quickly, with a lot of line drawing using different tools on pre-coloured pages.



I like using frames to help find areas that I particularly like


More drawing with some added embellishment

I liked the idea of doing these very quick drawings


P1500008I can see the potential for stitched work or ceramics


P1500020I can’t wait to take the screen printing course so I can print my designs on textiles and then stitch.

P1500021I was taking a risk with tearing here so I could replicate fault lines, sometimes this works well but maybe not in this case.

P1500025Once I put the frames on I had a totally different outlook, I can see how I could develop these further.



P1500027I know I will return to this theme when I have more time, there’s so much more to explore.

Sketchbook Pages – The Shapes of Water

I have spent the past couple of days playing in my sketchbook, the theme chosen by the group this month is water.

I have loads of inspirational photos and so I got a bit bogged down choosing, next month I might put on a limit of 10 photos, which may make things easier.

Here are some of my favourite pages, there are a lot more, maybe I will post some later in the month as my water themed sketchbook grows.

I started off using water in the landscape as my inspiration.

Sketchbook pages from Kiln Fired Art

Sketchbook pages from Kiln Fired Art

Then I went more abstract.

Sketchbook pages from Kiln Fired ArtI love to use my window pages to view my sketches and pick out the areas I like.

Sketchbook pages from Kiln Fired ArtMost of these pieces are based on my photos from the Isle of Lewis.

Sketchbook pages from Kiln Fired Art

Sketchbook pages from Kiln Fired ArtThis is my favourite page, I love the colours, textures, line and shapes.

Sketchbook pages from Kiln Fired ArtSo many ideas from one little sketch.Sketchbook pages from Kiln Fired Art

I plan to follow up on these soon.

Sketchbook pages from Kiln Fired ArtI can see how I can produce a work using textile techniques, but for ceramics I may need to invest in some underglaze pencils, or have a go at making my own. One idea always leads to something else I want to try.

Sketchbook pages from Kiln Fired Art

Drawing For Textiles Course

The past week has been very enjoyable and rewarding; I have spent most of my days lost in experimenting with drawing techniques. I’m taking another online course with Dionne Swift, this time it’s Drawing for Textiles.
P1490086I can’t divulge the techniques involved but I can say they took me out of my comfort zone both in technique and scale, my largest drawing so far is 2 metres square.

P1490080I find I like certain areas of my drawings, (shown in these images). I’ve been observing  through a small aperture made from my “L’s” that I use for watercolours. (I’m not sure if we will be doing this on the course, it’s just something I like to do). I have a head full of ideas of how I can interpret these drawings in my work.
P1490078What I find interesting is that each ‘inspiration’ speaks to me in it’s own choice of medium, it might be glass, ceramics, enamel or textiles. Which leads me on to a quote I’ve just read in a book by Pema Chodron……..

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few”.

Maybe this is why I have to keep pushing my creativity by learning new techniques, I love all the possibilities that arise from being a beginner.
P1490075I’m looking forward to the second part of the course starting on Monday, when I get to learn about stitching but now I need to catch up on some ceramic work.

Enjoy your weekend!


Kick starting creativity with a workshop

I have spent the last 2 weeks getting my creative juices flowing by doing a workshop with Dionne Swift

I chose to do Dionne’s online course Developing Sketchbooks. This is a very well structured course for developing creative ideas using a range of techniques given to you each day via email and video links. There’s also a facebook group to chat and share work with your classmates.

I hope to take another online course with Dionne soon.

Here’s some of my sketchbook pages










So my challenge now is to think about how I could translate some of my sketchbook pages into finished work, ideas for glass fusing, ceramics and textiles are forming in my mind.