September tales- this one is for Mary Lou

This page is for my friend Mary Lou who said she was looking forward to reading more tales from the canal side studio.

From the canal bank, although I’d have been better off indoors, we are being hit by the tail end of the hurricane here in the UK. I have missed my walks lately, and in an effort to lose some weight and restore my fitness levels all wine,and take aways are out, well maybe no wine ’til the weekend, I’m no saint.  If I’ve exercised every day I feel deserve it.

So it’s really blustery but fairly warm today 12th September, I have discovered a down side to walking along the canal when it’s windy, canal spray being whipped into your face isn’t that pleasant. If I come down with some mysterious illness you know where it came from.

Oh, as I’m writing this there has been a really strong gust and someone’s plastic greenhouse on the opposite bank is now floating out of sight, or is it sinking???

The tourists have gone, so there aren’t as many boats about. The trip boats are moored up, even the ice cream barge has shut up shop.










The ducks don’t look so pretty, they are in the moult , but the cygnets are looking whiter as their new plumage comes in.




Have a look at the paintings on the doors, these designs are the traditional folk art used on narrowboats here in the UK, do you have those in the USA? Read more about ‘Roses and castles’ here.

Here are some more examples of handpainted enamel ware. I think painting barge ware might be something to try on porcelain some time.

I thought I’d show you this narrowboat, do you know what it’s name means? I’ll tell you at the end of this post.

I decided to have a stroll in the park, the leaves are turning, I’d noticed some fiery horse chestnut trees at the weekend, the ones in the park are just turning colour. I’m supposed to be painting horse chesnut leaves this week, I’ve 18 bowls sitting waiting to be painted, thankfully not all horse chestnut design, more in another post.

I had to wait a while before I could cross over the swing bridge from the park, because of boats coming through.

So ‘Th’owd fettler’ is Yorkshire dialect for ‘the old mender’, more Yorkshire dialect another day, now I’m off to paint horse chestnut bowls.

Happy painting




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