Pieces for an exhibition, and the great outdoors.

Today I have been polishing, pricing and finishing some jewellery for a Christmas exhibition.

As you know I take a lot of inspiration from my surroundings, so let me introduce you to ‘Woolly’

Woolly is a dangle on one of my bangles

All my sterling silver jewellery over 7.78g is hallmarked, it’s very small to see with the naked eye but you can see my initials when it’s blown up.

These copper enamelled pieces were inspired by my walks along the river Wharfe; dry stone walls, lichens and ripples on peaty water. I have finished some with sterling silver and the square ones will be set in a pendant with a silver bezel setting but I’m still working on them.

Here’s one of my  photo’s that inspired these pieces.

I thought it would be a good idea to photograph these pieces in the places that inspired them,  maybe it wasn’t such a good idea as I almost got wet.

Here are a few more enamelled copper pieces photgraphed in the great outdoors that inspired them.

This is how I finished the ones for the exhibition


And a few more pieces for the exhibition.

Reticulated silver


Flame patinated copper and silver

Textured silver cuff


Hand dyed anodised aluminium cuff


Skeleton leaf impression on sterling silver

14 Responses to Pieces for an exhibition, and the great outdoors.

  1. Anna Herring says:

    Jill these are fabulous and especially in conjunction with their inspirational pictures! You are so smart!!!

  2. These are fabulous. I love that enamel work that you are doing. Was that jewelry piece photographed in the Derwent River? Very nice photos Jill.

    Mary Lou

  3. toni says:

    ah yes, these beautiful pieces…..and you show them so well. You will have a great season. I can already tell.

  4. marci blattenberger says:

    These look great , Jill… and I can assure anyone looking that they look even BETTER in person . The photos dont do the pieces justice.
    I am the proud owner of several Jill pieces… and I LOVE them !

  5. Judy Jaussaud says:

    They are all wonderful pieces! My favorite is the sterling silver leaf skeleton impression!

  6. Scot Mauldin says:

    Stunning work! I can’t wait to see them in person one day. (wink)
    I LOVE the fact that you photographed them in nature! Just inspiring.
    If you happen to care, I have porcelain pendants (small and large) that are exactly like the round pendants you have shown in the photos.

  7. eganj1 says:

    Thank you for all your comments, you never know I may have some pieces on sale in the USA one day.
    Scott I’d love to see your pendants, send me a link and I’ll put it on my website. I’m looking at making ceramic beads at the moment, i might pick your brains, I want to make a mould.

  8. Terry Sita says:

    Hi Jill,
    I love your jewelry. Wish you lived on this side of the pond. Do you have a mold for your pieces? What kind of necklace do you have them hanging on. Can’t tell in the picture. Do you fire them, then paint and fire again?

    • eganj1 says:

      Well Terry I could be your side of the pond one day, who knows. These are high fire enamel on copper, it’s really easy and breaks all the rules associated with copper enamelling. Who would have thought I’d want to break the rules ;-0 LOL. After Christmas I’ll be making a study of some sort for high fire enamelling.

  9. Jill,
    EXCELLENT pieces and very nice presentation. Best wishes on a successful season.

  10. Great work. You need to do these on a larger scale as full artworks. I love it

  11. My goodness Jill. this work is spectacular! The way you have photographed them for presentation is very professional.

  12. Linda Tiller says:

    Jill, your jewelry is beautiful.

  13. Fran Bailey says:

    beautiful pieces, love the way you display too, you dont surprised me,you inspired me . because what you see will turn out sensasional.
    Thanks for the technology we can keep in touch and share idea.

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