Those Dr Zhivago moments and my 'Reason d'etre'

I’m sure if you are reading this you are a creative type, we are drawn to each other,  so you already know those  ‘ Dr Zhivago’ moments

It’s almost a year now that I’ve been enjoying solace following the river Wharfe, seeing her almost daily and in all her moods.  I find great inspiration in allowing myself the time to commune with nature around me, but today was even more special than most days.

Today really was a Zhivago moment, I didn’t have to break the snow off the train window but I did ‘see’ some things for the first time, and the ‘light bulb’ went on. Maybe it’s because spring is on it’s way and the sunshine and birdsong made me feel I was breaking free from the winter that had started to become rather tedious. Or maybe it was because I didn’t take my camera, instead of happily snapping I stood and looked, and looked………….and looked. Layer upon layer of observations flowed through my mind mirroring the river gushing beneath my feet. The water is low but crystal clear, the peaty bronze water I’ve previously observed has given way to transparency, aqua tints (reminding me of my mothers enamel bucket full of clean water on wash days) creamy white foam, and sparkling diamond droplets bejewelled by the sunlight. The rocks look scrubbed after the winter scourings the dark cracks and crevices standing out from the soft warm neutral greys of the limestone.  On gazing further I could make out soft peach, or ‘champagne’ tones which are of course this seasons ‘must have’ colours, my mind gave thought to teaming them with soft sepia brown or dark green and streaks of gold or copper. The seeds for a whole range of hand painted china, fused glass and jewellery ideas had been planted. I’ve known for some time that my ‘reason d’etre’ is simply to express my love of nature, as a designer maker I can do that through my art using whichever medium I feel does this best. I’d love to start working on something right now but I can’t so in writing this I hope I will return to show you the fruits of my labour.

Too bad I have no pictures to share from today but if I had maybe I wouldn’t have observerd in such detail and today wouldn’t have been so special.


4 Responses to Those Dr Zhivago moments and my 'Reason d'etre'

  1. Monique U says:

    Felt compelled to comment, Jill… I wonder sometimes if we spend too much time interpreting for others what we observe. Since I started blogging and reading blogs, I notice that for some, everything becomes an occasion to report, as if the experience itself has more value if shared. Your irreplaceable moments spent reacting to your surroundings would have been altered by photographing and mentally cataloguing. We are changed by our activities online, sometimes for the better, but not always. Our artistry needs lots of quiet introspection that blogging sometimes interrupts, IMHO. I’m glad you shared your reflections: reading your narrative was akin to listening to a radio broadcast and allowing my imagination to take flight!

    I must confess your “Dr. Zhivago” reference led to my reading this article, Jill. I haven’t watched the film for many decades and now feel compelled to view it again!

  2. eganj1 says:

    Thank you for your comments Monique, my ‘me’ time is very special, I treasure it, it’s the life blood of my work, but sometimes blogging helps me get things in order in my head. I’d forgotten about that day until I reread my blog post following your comment and it all came back to me, the inspiration from that day is still there but I wonder if I’d have forgotten had I not written about it.
    I had a “Dr Zhivago” moment yesterday, the first snow on the fells, sometimes when I’m conscious of it I hear that tune and smile. Now I want to watch the film again.
    And if I allowed your imagination to soar then I’m very happy, and without feedback you do wonder if you are talking to yourself, so thank you for taking the time to post a reply 🙂

  3. Monique U says:

    I agree, Jill, and as social beings we naturally want to share; I think it is programmed genetically! The feedback you refer to is of great import and helps us evaluate and qualify our experiences. It is necessary to be “choosier” about the blogs we read as many are great time-wasters!

    The snow? Now I am hearing the DZ soundtrack in my head… oh dear!

  4. eganj1 says:

    LOL, it’s still white on the tops today 🙂

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