Wharfedale and the elusive black bunnies

Last spring my brother spotted a black bunny when we were out for a walk, tonight I took my camera for a walk, I was on a quest for said black bunnies.

The river Wharfe is quite special and very inspirational.  I feel like getting the watercolours out, but more of Wharfedale later in the week; now back to the bunnies.

Kiln Fired Art


There were A LOT of bunnies out tonight, also sand martins, swallows a heron, and plenty of sheep.

fired art

it took a while but when i was walking in the same place as last year i finally got a glimpse of a black bunny. It ran into some nettles, I waited a long time but it didn’t reappear. Then on the way home I looked over the wall and there was another one. Don’t you think he is just gorgeous, I am quite pleased with the capabilities of my new camera, what do you think of my black bunny?

I’ll post more painting inspiration from down Warfedale later this week when I get a moment

fired art

4 Responses to Wharfedale and the elusive black bunnies

  1. marci says:

    He is adorable ! LOVE the pic of Wharfedale as well and I cant wait to see more..

  2. Darlene says:

    Love the black bunny. We have bunnies in our yard all the time, but I’ve never seen a black one. Cute! Nice camera too!

  3. Sue Reynolds says:

    Wonderful photos all – the black bunny is so cute, and the river is incredible! Great blog as usual Jill:)

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