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Ceramic holders for air plants

It seems a long time ago since I bisque fired the stoneware ceramic air plant pebbles and air plant wall pockets, but life sometimes gets in the way. This week I got some stain and glazes on them and finally got them finished and in my shop.

The air plant pebbles were lovely to make, I love the feel of the clay in my hands. I have given them a granite look glaze, and as they are stoneware clay they could have moss or a tiny plant inside instead of air plants.

I have only just gotten into air plants, why didn’t I buy some sooner? They are my kind of houseplant as they don’t mind a bit of neglect. I just spray them with water when I remember which is about once a week.

I must hang some air plant wall pockets in my new kitchen when it’s finished, but they will look great in any room of the house, they are living wall sculpture.

The hanging air plant holders were also hand built and textured with tree bark, inspired by a tree just up the road when I was out on a walk. Where branches had been cut off the bark had grown forming a little niche where a fern had seeded itself, nature is always an inspiration.

I have double pockets for two plants.

A couple of different designs of single plant pockets.

Each wall pocket will be unique, I think a group on the wall will make a great impact, or just one or two on a small wall would look equally as good. Now we can all have our own hanging garden.