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New coloured bottle dishes and iridised glass pendants

I have been absent from my blog for a while but sometimes there’s so much to do, and so little time to do it.

I have found time to add stock to my shop, I’ve recently updated Flat Bottles and Fired Art Jewellery with some new stock. I’m really pleased with how my shop is looking just now.

These bottle dishes, or trays came out of the kiln this morning, they should be listed soon. I love the colours and textures, a humble recycled empty wine bottle can become a thing of beauty, and these melted bottle dishes have a multitude of uses, I think they will look great with some tea lights, don’t you think?

bottle dishglass bottle tray

melted bottle dish

I have some fused glass pendants to list on Etsy too, a pretty, dainty dichro square pendant, so easy to wear, and a couple of iridised pendants which a cubic zirconia fused into the pendant. I love the way the glass cushions the little jewel. fused glass pendants

Flattened bottles, the stories behind the keepsake.

Flattened bottles, the stories behind the keepsake………..

flattened champagne bottleSo Valentine’s day has come and gone, a time when many choose to show a declaration of their love. They celebrate with a bottle of bubbly, which they would like flattened, to keep to mark the occasion.







flat champagne bottle famed upMy thoughts turned to the stories behind the custom flattened bottles I’ve made over the years, each bottle flattened represents a special moment in someone’s life. Sometimes the stories are quite moving, it’s a pleasure to be able to capture this special time for the happy couple in the form of a flat bottle keepsake.






Flattened bottle, champagne bottle keepsakeWhatever the celebration , be it a wedding, engagement, christening, I have flattened bottles as a reminder of that occasion, I have heard lots of love stories.





framed beer bottleI was especially touched by a customer who wanted me to flatten the last bottle of beer drunk by her father in law before he passed away, she wanted the beer bottle framed to give to her husband as a birthday gift. He loved it.







I think about all those bottles I’ve melted, hanging on walls around the country, as a constant reminder of  those precious moments in peoples lives. I have a wine bottle from a special holiday in Tuscany hanging by my kitchen sink, and when I wash up I think about my holiday and a trip to the vineyard, it makes me smile.

custom framed flat bottleI don’t just flatten bottles for family occasions, I’ve flattened and framed bottles for wine merchants to give as awards .








whisky bottle dishAlso I’ve made cheeseboards and bottle dishes  in all shapes and sizes of bottles imaginable. Often a favourite whisky, port or beer bottle. A great gift for the man who has everything.




For more information about custom flattened and framed bottles have a look at my website

I also sell flat bottle cheeseboards, bottle spoon rests, and bottle dishes on Etsy

Here’s a look at my latest flat bottle noticeboards, these are perfect for Mother’s Day gifts.

message on a bottle