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Self Care And Getting Back Into The Zone

In March I decided the best way for me to get through the situation we found ourselves in was to indulge in small pleasures, holidays at home, virtual tours on Youtube whilst clocking up some miles on the exercise bike, good food, wine, lots of reading and craft projects of course. However once the days got shorter I didn’t feel much like working.

December was mostly about self indulgence, so January had to be about ‘my body is a temple’ to make up for the December excesses.

We have followed a healthy eating plan, mostly vegetarian, we have done dry January, we’ve walked locally when weather has permitted otherwise there’s the exercise bike and more virtual tours. I’m still allowing myself the luxury of taking breakfast back to bed and reading until it’s light , as well as little treats such as online art and craft courses. I’ve lost the weight I’d gained in December but it’s more than that, after 2 weeks I felt noticeably different, bouncing with energy, I actually wanted to get back to work.

The snowdrops were still not quite ready so I started making some leaves and fish which will be raku fired on a warmer sunny day.

Now the snowdrops were starting to bloom so I brought some indoors to enjoy for a day before taking them out to the studio for some clay work. It was only 5C out there but I soon got into the zone and the time flew by.

I am feeling quite pleased with myself for finally getting back to work and you know what, I enjoyed every minute.

Spring really is just around the corner 🙂

Snowdrop ceramics

It’s time to get back to work after a much needed break this month, however the snowdrops are out and they won’t last long so I’ve got a production line going making snowdrop themed ceramic hearts, ceramic ring dishes, and snowdrop tiles to hang on the wall. These items would be lovely gifts for Mother’s Day, or birthday’s or little thank you gifts.

Here they are as works in progress, they have to dry out before they are bisqued, then coloured and fired again before they are ready.
I’m making ceramic snowdrop hearts today in time for Mother’s Day

There are a few cow parsley ceramic tiles and some pulmonaria ones too. Working with the seasons means I have to work with what’s available.

Ceramic plant tilesCeramic snowdrops heart WIP

I do love how these delicate snowdrop flowers transfer to the clay, like a fossil, they will last for ever.

P. S. How do you like my new blog layout?


No Time For Procrastination When Working With The Seasons

I have come to realise there is no time to procrastinate when working with the seasons.

Remember the snowdrop ceramic pieces? Well it’s taken me a bit of time thinking about the right finish, and now I know what I want (through testing different finishes), however the snowdrops have gone over so no more until next year, at least I will be ready, it’s only taken me 3 years  🙂
Here’s what I have ready to go in my Etsy shop today. I have listed different finishes because we don’t all like the same thing, and I want to know which one is your favourite.

Snowdrops ceramics

Snowdrops ceramics

Snowdrops ceramicsThe finish on these tiles is the one I like best, I like the simplicity. I love how each tile will be unique, both in the layout of the flowers and the hand painted matt colour which picks up the plant impressions really well. Real snowdrops might not last long but these will hang on your wall for ever.

Snowdrops ceramicsI only made one snowdrop ring dish, I wish I had made more, it’s so pretty. This has a blue glaze on the outside. Due to the matt colour on the inside these dishes cannot be used for food, they are for trinkets, keys, loose change, soap or just to look at. I think it’s quite lovely, it will be hard to part with it.

Snowdrops ceramics
I finished the Pulmonaria hearts quickly while they are still flowering, I think these will go down well so I’m off to make some more while they are still in flower 🙂

Snowdrops ceramics
I should have these all listed in my Etsy shop so if you want to see what’s available that’s the place to head for.