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Ceramic lamp with handmade shade

Ceramic lamp with handmade shade.

My lampshade kit arrived yesterday, if you  remember I made a textural lamp base and I wanted an oval shade for it. I thought making it myself would finish the lamp off perfectly.
I have made a lampshade before and it was very satisfying to do. The kit arrived but I was a little concerned about the creases in the linen fabric, I should have known really, linen is always creased. After an awful lot of steam ironing I thought, just give it a go and see what happens. Fortunately when it was stuck onto the backing the slight creases didn’t show.

OH wired up my lamp base for me , I knew already where it would go, on the hall tables, under my Arnold Lowrey painting. It looks great there.

ceramic lampHere’s a closer look, I think the simple shade works really well with the textured base.
handmade lampshadeI seem to have a thing for making table lamps, I would like to make another one with a rusty look, and I know the perfect spot for it. 🙂

My New Ceramic Lamp

Here’s my new handbuilt porcelain ceramic lamp. This light was inspired by my love of textiles, I love the way the design is enhanced by the light shining through the porcelain. I pierced little holes all over the lamp so the light comes through those as well.

I like the ‘wonkiness’ of the lamp as it reflects the textiles that inspired this light. P1310506I hope to add these to my range as soon as I find out about the regulations for lighting, PAT testing etc.

P1310502I’m firing a wall light today, if it works I need 4 of them for my lounge, will keep you posted.