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Ceramic Earring Charms Shop Update

earring charms and ceramic pendants

This week I have been listing ceramic earring charms and ceramic pendants over in my Etsy shop.
I made these, along with a lot more ceramic jewellery components quite a while ago but it’s taken me some time to get round to doing the glazing. There are a lot more to follow including some made from black clay. Hopefully I will have those glazed this coming week.

I find listing components very time consuming what with taking and editing so many photos, but it’s worth all the time involved in the end when my shop section looks like this.

I should have listed a few more by the time my blog goes live on Sunday, but they keep selling as I list them 🙂

I will be back with more ceramic jewelry components soon, but now I have Autumn leaves on my mind, they won’t be around much longer, I’m watching the leaves fall from the copper beech in my garden as I type.

Have a lovely Sunday.

Art Elements August Challenge – Swirls

At first I was very excited about the theme for the Art Elements http://www.artelements.net/swirl-august-theme-challenge-reveal/ monthly challenge. I thought swirls was going to be simple, so much to choose from. I had lots of ideas which I dismissed as I wanted to do something  different to what I have made before. I gave myself time for my little grey cells to get working whilst busy doing other things, I’m sure you know how it is, sometimes the ideas just pop in your head when doing mundane things like housework.

Ideas just happened when I wasn’t expecting them, I was booking my holidays for next year and I happened to be thinking about a whirlpool off a favourite Scottish island of mine, it’s called Corryvreckan, what a lovely word 🙂

Corryvreckan Whirlpool

Then out of the blue I started thinking of the work of Margaret McDonald, which I saw at Hill House a few years ago, it was designed by her husband Charles Rennie Mackintosh. I love that house and everything in it but that’s another story.

As much as I love their work I wanted to do something that was totally ‘me’ so I put them out of my mind (or so I thought)  and decided to look through my sketchbooks to see if there were any ideas there which I could develop. There were plenty of wavy and curving lines.
Sketchbook pages

Sketchbook pages

Sketchbook pages

Sketchbook pages

I found some lino stamping in my sketchbook, and thought I could try them out on clay.Sketchbook pages
Next came some very quick swirl scribbles (on a scrap of paper I can’t find now) with thoughts of Corryvreckan. I cut some more stamps based on my swirly scribbles.

Sketchbook pages
Once I stamped my clay I knew Margaret McDonald was still in my head 😊

UntitledSome of my already cut stamps had more swirls than others but while I was at it I thought I’d try them all.
Sketchbook pages

Once bisque fired I glazed some, used underglazes on others and fired some without any decoration, to have the application of china paint later. I made some little hollows in some of the pendants which were filled with glass frit, not knowing how the colours would hold up.


Here are my favourites.


This is my nod to Margaret Mcdonald, some have gold lustre as well as china paint. Those tiny swirls look so much like roses, I wish I could say that was my intention.
UntitledI got a clay order  this week so I set to and made some pieces using black and terracotta clays. I can’t wait to try some glazes out on these pieces but that will have to be for another blog post.

UntitledI do love the quality of line made by stamping lino prints into clay, they are delicate, more so than I could get with tube lining.

I have plans to carve some larger designs one day, but I have a lot of glazing to do in the next few weeks so it may be a while.

Now head over an have a look to see what everyone has made, I do love this part of the challenge.

So what was new in May

That’s another month gone, where is this year going? It’s flying by, which wouldn’t matter if felt I’d achieved a lot but this month, I know I’ve been busy but I can’t think what I’ve done apart from making beads and jewellery components and playing with the wheel.

I bought some new low fire glazes to try out, I think you can achieve brighter colours with low fire glazes.

I love these jewel colour glazes

Ceramic beadsBut I also like the soft pastel ones too, which are your favourite?

ceramic beads charms pendantsI bought some underglazes and after a lot of procrastination I finally bit the bullet and painted a seascape on one of my pots. I think the colours will come out darker than I intended but I will only know when it’s fired. I’d like this pot to be matt but I have a feeling it will become shiny if I fire to stoneware temperatures, so I have glazed the inside with a low fire glaze and I will see how it comes out at a lower firing temperature. The clay I’m using can be fired to earthenware or stoneware temperatures.
P1410923It was inspired by a visit to Bosta beach on Lewis last summer.

I wonder if maybe the effect I want would be better achieved using terra siligata, or I could use matt overglazes on an already fired pot. I feel a bit precious about firing 3 or 4 times when I’ve put so much into making the pot. I know it’s silly really.  I will have to try out all the various ways of decorating a pot with a matt finish seascape and compare the results.


I think my horizon line should have been a little higher but there was so much to think about when doing something I’ve never done before I forgot to pay attention.P1410925I threw my largest pot to date yesterday, it was going to be a yarn bowl but OH thought it would be a better size for his porridge in the morning. Ah well I will have another attempt at a yarn bowl. I need to try using one as I’m not convinced that they will actually work, maybe a yarn vase would be a better idea. If you use a yarn bowl I’d love to know if they work.

Handmade Ceramic Earring Charms

This week I have mainly been working on new listings for handmade ceramic earring charms, also some new pendants too. There will be more pendants and beads to follow.
ceramic earring charms

Etsy launched the new shop manager this week, so far I like it but just when I think I know where something is, it has moved . They are launching Etsy Studio next month, which is for craft supplies, so this is the perfect time to be listing ceramic jewellery making supplies. I have lots more jewellery pieces to glaze, all I need is more time to do it.

I have also had a few days painting tiles, and a couple of days hand building pots. I love the hand building process and the thought that some of me has gone into each piece, but I am thinking I need to get a wheel so I can find out how I feel about throwing, but it’s a big decision.

Ceramic pendants WOYWW

Good morning, I nearly forgot it was Wednesday today so I’m sitting here wondering what I have to show you this morning as I’m still working on the porcelain that I started painting last Wednesday( don’t want to bore you with it), it’s nearly done though so I will be moving onto glass fusing next week.

I had a custom order for a ceramic pendant this week, you can’t just make one pendant, you have to make a kiln load which takes a looooooong time. Then you have to glaze enough to make another firing worth while, but I didn’t glaze everything, that would have been an awful lot of copper / green pendants. And finally there was a third firing to add copper lustre, which, (and I hope you agree) makes the pendants sing.

My customer has chosen the one she wants, the rest will find their way into my Etsy shop, and once I have stocked up the gallery I will be glazing more pendants and beads in other colours. It’s a lot of fun and makes me feel like a big kid.

Which one is your favourite?
Ceramic pendants with copper lustre
P1230130Ceramic doughnut pendantshandmade pendants

I’m heading over to Stamping Ground to see what the other bloggers taking part have on their worktable today