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My conflict between perfection and the not so perfect.

As I continue to learn how to throw pots on the wheel I have come to realise there’s conflict going on in my head.

I’m sure anyone who throws pots will, like me, be striving for perfection. I am loving this challenge and the journey will take me for ever.

However there is a conflict going on in my head and I know it’s been going on for a long time, not just since I got my wheel. I love clean lines and contemporary design but I also love rustic too. I love hand building and wonky pots, the urge to pick them up and connect with them is so very strong. So there you have my conflict.

I guess I will continue to love both, I will continue to strive for perfection in my thrown pieces and continue making wabi and sabi hand built pieces, I  have strong urges to ‘alter’ my thrown pieces so maybe the two styles will meet somewhere, who knows. It’s enough to have fun just making.

Here’s a couple of pieces that came out of the kiln this morning, a salad bowl and a berry bowl.

The salad bowl is thrown, it has a couple of issues I need to address, it has warped a bit and the glaze has some minute pinholes, so I will strive to perfect these issues at my next attempt to make the perfect bowl.

Ceramic bowl
The berry bowl is hand built, while making this I imagined it sitting on the kitchen table at Cragside  and maybe a kitchen maid stealing one of the berries. It’s really quite wonky in shape but I like that in hand built ceramics, I just want to pick it up and steal a strawberry myself.

Berry bowlI quite like the idea of not really knowing where my journey is going, who knows I may end up somewhere in the middle, only time will tell.