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Crochet Waffle Comfort Blanket Finished!

My crochet waffle blanket is now finished, and I have to say I think I have a new favourite blanket.

Comfort blanket is finished

If you would like to see the original post with the  updated pattern click here. I finished off with a row of treble so the last row matched the first row. I did 3 stripes of each colour.

I darned in the loose ends then started the border. Having considered several options I chose to do stripes of 2 rows waffle stitch, change colour then 1 row treble. This would keep the border of a similar weight as the body of the blanket. The border is 13 rows deep, then I ran out of yarn.

Comfort blanket is finishedI am really pleased with this blanket it’s so warm and snuggly and lovely it doesn’t get called the plague blanket any more.

Comfort blanket is finished

Now I think I might start another one, maybe lark stitch this time, I do love working on a stripey blanket while watching TV.

Please excuse the photos as the sun wasn’t whining when I took them.

Strange Times, Strange Times!

Indeed these are such strange times, it feels so surreal don’t you think?

I’m planning how to use my time, as a crafter working from home not a lot will change but there will be time for spring cleaning, possibly some decorating, and gardening. We need to lift our spirits and being in the garden does that, the soil gives off a chemical that does something in our brain and makes us feel good.

I was going to shut my shop for the foreseeable future but then decided to keep it open for UK customers and extend my dispatch time to 5 working days. I have to shop at least once a week so I will post then.

My twice weekly gym sessions have come to a halt, I  will miss it but I will try and keep fit with what’s available to me at home. I have a therraband for resistance, tins of beans can be used as dumbbells, and the stairs for stepping.  I’ve not done a 5k jog in a while so I will work on that. I hope to get out on the fells as much as possible, social distancing outdoors is one of the joys of living here.

I have lot’s of craft projects to get on with, sewing patterns to make up, that punch needle that I still haven’t tried out, lino cutting tools and a gelli plate from Christmas all sitting untouched.

I ordered yarn to crochet another blanket. I was tempted to call it the plague blanket but comfort blanket sounds better. If anyone would like to join in a ‘crochet along ‘  or show us what you are making to get through this time I have a Facebook page called ‘Hobbies For Wellbeing’ please pop over for a natter and show us what you are making.

These are the colours that I’ve chosen for my blanket, inspired by the bedroom curtains.

Waffle CAL blanketThis is the waffle stitch, it’s really easy, there’s only one stitch, a treble. I will post the pattern here and show you my progress in the next installment.

Waffle comfort blanketDo you have a plan to prevent boredom and feed your creativity while you are confined to your home?

Whatever we must do staying well and not putting others at risk is paramount.

Look after you and yours, we will get through this.