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Being kind to myself

First let me say as I no longer know what day of the week it is I forgot to blog on Sunday , so here it is.

After a week of lockdown an undercurrent of stress started taking it’s toll, this wasn’t how I expected to feel as I am well used to being home most of the time.

I decided to have a media free weekend and eventually felt more relaxed, however at night I woke up suddenly and I couldn’t sleep for brain overload. I decided that it was time to start meditation again so gifted myself a yearlong subscription to Headspace. It felt so good to get back into it. I  love that feeling of calm, I have been practising now for a week and already my stress levels are almost back to normal.

I’m determined  to turn this awful time into something positive, which starts by being good to myself so I’m doing whatever I feel like doing without a guilt trip. Basically I’m just pottering about.

I am catching up on chores although I can’t have a good clear out as the council is asking us not to create extra rubbish or they won’t be able to cope, and I can’t decorate as I can’t get paint.

I don’t have a structure to my day, I get creative when I want, I can stay in bed, or get up and go for my walk at dawn. I’ve found time for reading, and exercising most days, we have set up a mini gym for rainy days and I have taken up tia chi again.

Allowing myself time to just be, and live in the moment feels so good. I now know what retirement feels like, but I  have a few more years to go yet.

I’ve baked bread a few times.
This weeks makesMy blanket has grown a lot, I will have to start another one as my yarn has run out. Time to make a scrap blanket.
Waffle blanket crochet alongI’ve made soap, this olive oil soap is so kind to the skin.
This weeks makesI baked scones, using oil instead of butter, they came out fine and weren’t as dry the next day.
This weeks makesI made myself a couple of dresses, I hope they fit when I finally get to wear them, with all this baking I’m not so sure. The patterned one was some expensive fabric I had bought a couple of years ago but was too scared to cut it.
This weeks makesThe olive green needlecord one probably cost under a fiver to make, fabric was a bargain from Pound Fabrics. I made it to go with my eco printed scarf.

This weeks makesI made handcream, it smells gorgeous, I made up the recipe and it came out fine.


1 part coconut oil

2 parts olive or almond oil

1 part beeswax

Melt together over a pan of simmering water. Add a fragrance oil ( rose geranium and thyme oil) before putting in jars.

I ran out of pots so I will use this up first.
This weeks makes
Today I’ve made some cookie / rock buns, another made up recipe using oil instead of butter. They are coconut and raisin but the recipe was for sunflower seed and apricot, these won’t last long I have to say.
This weeks makes
I hope you are coping well and finding things to do to fill your days. Be kind to yourself.
Stay safe and well.