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Some watercolour paintings

I came across some paintings during my clear out last week, they were destined for the bin, but I had some L’s lying around so I thought I’d see what they looked like with a mount. L’s are just a mount cut in two to make L’s , they are used to try out different crops to see  which part of the painting works and what doesn’t. Negative space is important as it can really improve a painting.
All of these paintings were done a good many years ago. I think it’s good to go back and look at your own work after a long time, you have lost the emotional attachment and you can be more honest and critical.

This picture was on a much larger piece of paper, the flowers were lost
This painting just doesn’t work for me, I think it’s too fussy, the eye doesn’t know where to go, and there is too much distracting background
Out came the L’s

P1290379I decided to try a few crops, I think they improve things but I’m still not that happy with the painting.
This little painting was done very quickly to try techniques for a larger painting, I think I kept it because the large painting never got done. Putting a mount around it made me really look,  this would be a great study for a textile picture. Maybe I will find the time soon.