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Eco printing meets cyanotype printing.

Following on from my cyanotype printing post I also tried cyanotype printing over eco prints. The results were interesting, I found the ecoprint changed colour, becoming more of a sepia tint, the yellows and greens were lost. I tried leaving areas without the cyanoprint chemicals on the paper, these remained golden coloured but there is a harsh line on the edge of the cyanoprint ‘border’ that I don’t like, you will see an example of this in my photos. I will have to work on this further as I might be able to soften the edge. I do like the sepia print with the blue cyanoprint, they are less fussy and more photographic looking. Also I like the leaf ‘window’ effect.

Here’s some examples of my cyanotype / eco prints on paper.

Not Eco Printing, It’s Cyanotypes!

While the sun was out I finally got round to doing more cyanotypes. I missed out last time it was sunny as I couldn’t find the cyanotype chemicals which I had put away somewhere in the studio.

When the next sunny spell happened I was determined to do some sun printing so I had a good rummage and found the chemicals eventually.

There’s lots of information on how to make a cyanotype prints on the internet but basically you mix two chemicals together, paint it on your substrate , lay plants (or whatever) on top with a piece of glass on top to ensure good contact, then leave it in the sun to develop the print.

I started with a couple of prints on paper.

Then I added some turmeric and washing up liquid bubbles to see how this affected my prints.

Next I decided to print on fabric, this one is on silk which was mordanted first with alum.

My favourite prints are on recycled cotton sheets and pillow cases. I hope to use some of these for textile art in the winter when I can sit in front of the log burner and stitch.

I also I tried combining eco printing with cyanotype technique, the results were interesting but I will show you those in another post.