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I eventually bit the bullet and did it!

I bit the bullet and finally glazed one place setting of what I had called my ‘dinner set’. I had already realised that my dinner plates were too small, more of a breakfast plate size.

I have just opened the kiln to reveal all, the plate on the top shelf was just the colour I was hoping for, and the glaze looked even…… result!

The next batt revealed the bowls and mug, yes they all survived the firing and the glaze looks pretty good, although it’s more green and not as dark blue as I had hoped for, but I still like it so it’s not a problem.

I think my mugs and dessert bowls could have been larger but as this is my first crack at it I’m happy enough with them. This is more of a luncheon set than a dinner set, for soup and a sandwich, some fruit salad and coffee these would be just perfect.

I have another 9 of everything to glaze and then I can make some larger mugs and plates, some serving dishes, a tea set, oh the list is growing.


I do love them though and can’t wait to use them, better get some more glazed so OH and myself can enjoy eating off them at the weekend. Smaller plates aren’t a bad thing, they will be good for my waistline. I’m chuffed to bits with how they have come out, what do you think of the glaze colour?

Botz Glaze Mixing Experiments

In preparation for glazing my dinner set I’ve done some experiments combining Botz stoneware glazes. Having spent so long making this set the last thing I want to do is to mess up when it comes to the glazing. I find glazing has it’s own problems but I won’t go there today.

Botz stoneware glazes were chosen because they are lead free and non toxic.

The samples are numbered, and I managed to write down which glazes went where, something I regularly forget to do as I’m so wrapped up in the process.

I applied two coats of each glaze, layering and overlapping them. The back side had 2 layers of Botz Plus as well as the same glazes as on the front. Trying to squeeze out as many glaze possibilities as I could the larger sample had 2 different glaze combinations.botz

Here’s a list of the glazes that I used.

  1. Creme – Turquoise granite – Black blue speckle.
  2. Creme – Turquoise granite – Bright blue effect.
  3. Creme – Ice crystal.
  4. Turquoise granite – Bright blue effect – White.
  5.  Ice crystal – Black blue speckle
  6. Black blue speckle –  (left side) – Ice crystal. (right side) – Bright blue.

I think I like the first combo best for the dinner set but I’m not entirely sure, I’m still considering the black blue speckle glaze  on it’s own that I used on the noodle bowl. I don’t mind eating off dark crockery but I know from research most people prefer light cream or white plates for food. But this set is for me, decisions, decisions 🙂

I love the running effects with the Botz Plus, but on plates I can’t imagine that the glazes will run as much. I have some spare plates made from another clay so maybe I should try  the glazes on those first. I feel I have blank paper syndrome, or in this case blank ceramic syndrome, and I need to get over it soon.

Also I need to do 3 coats of Creme instead of 2 for better coverage. I find it’s quite tricky getting even coverage with brush on glazes.

I haved to experiment further with hotter firing and a longer hold, but that’s for another experiment.

I want to get this set finished but I still feel a bit wary about glazing it.
Which glaze combo do you like best?


July review, mountains climbed

And so another month has flown by, it seems I have shown most of my makes this month already, but there is something going on.

I have continued building on my meditation technique and I feel I’ve made a breakthrough. I know meditation is about letting go, allowing the mind to go blank. However it’s not so easy to do in practice, thoughts do come and go. What I find really interesting is how these thoughts relate to my creative self.

I have a metaphor for how I see the way my creative mind works, it’s a pin table. The ball, the ideas that bounce around my head, the bell sounds and the lights flash with an idea, then I bounce off onto another idea. It can be quite exhausting, and that’s how I came to meditation in the first place, I was starting to feel stressed. Now I realise I need to slow the pace of creative thinking down a bit and spend more time with each idea.

Remember I climbed a real mountain this month, I’d been putting off going up Scafell Pike for so long, I didn’t think I could do it, but it was actually much easier than I thought. Climbing this mountain has helped me with a creative mountain, and so I started throwing a dinner set.

I want 8 place settings so I decided to make 10 of everything as some might be lost along the way. I have wanted to do this since I got the wheel but it seemed too big a mountain for me to climb.

Ten bowls and 10 mugs thrown.
P1440070Plates, drying nicely, these are slab rolled and finished on the wheel.

P1440067This morning’s meditation has left me with a clear vision of where I’m heading, I realise that everything I do and love influences my work. So where am I heading?

I will tell you later 🙂