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Bringing joy into a dull day with Ikebana

At this time of year it’s easy to let the dull dark days get on top of you, but there is beauty and joy around you if you look for it.

I decided to see what was available in the garden to make an ikebana arrangement to brighten my day. No shop bought flowers in these arrangements.
ikebana vaseI know it doesn’t take much to make a lovely ikebana arrangement, the viburnum was poking through my fence from next door, it smells divine.  Ivy grows just about everywhere, and the skimmia looks good in arrangements most of the year.
ikebana ceramic bowlSo basically with a few pieces of foliage that were going unnoticed in my garden I have brought a bit of joy into my day, that’s why everyone should have an ikebana bowl.

The Art of Ikebana – less is more!

I bought some flowers yesterday so I have been photographing some ikebana bowls. I set up on the table in the garden room, the light is great in there unless the sun comes out, which it did, but the blinds do a great job of filtering the light.
photo shoot

I bought an inexpensive mixed bouquet and picked a few bits from the garden , including some sorbus berries, I think this one is called Kashmiriana.

I just ad libbed and didn’t bother with my ikebana book, I soon realised less is more so I started removing some bits and pieces. It’s much better when you can see the bowl don’t you think? And the container and floral arrangement should harmonise, I chose these flowers to compliment the copper lustre on the pot.
copper turquoise ikebana bowl

Also these chrysanthemums echo the design on this pot. Small pom pom dahlias would work well too.
Ikebana dish from Kiln Fired ArtI also had a play with my small pot which is intended to be a succulent planter . I’m not sure if it follows the tradition of ikebana but I thought it worked well as a container.
Ikebana potIt’s surprising how effective a couple of flowers and some foliage from the garden can be.

I’m really enjoying learning about ikebana, so much so I think I might have to get a dedicated console table for the hall, to place a Zen greeting when you come indoors.
Ikebana bowls