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Framing up woes

Sometimes I think it would be easier to find a frame then make the art to go in it.

I finally got round to framing some eco prints with a nice oak veneer frame from the Range, they come with a 3 aperture mount.


I have searched the internet to find a box frame for The Thread That Binds Us. To have an oak one custom made is really quite expensive so I put that idea out of my head and got a bare pine one from The Range, I looked to see what Ikea had but there wasn’t anything suitable.

The bare wood frame needed staining, fortunately I had a dark gel stain left from another project, having stained it up I tried it over my picture but it’s not quite right to me, I have a white frame that would be suitable but I’m not really sure that looks right, I still have a hankering for oak.

So I thought I’d ask your opinion, which do you prefer?

The stained one

IMG_2006You will have to imagine how the oak will look

IMG_2003Or the white wood one?


I also tried black but a box frame in black is too heavy looking.

The jury is still out on this, maybe grey would work, maybe I should keep looking but please let me know what you think, I need your input folks 🙂