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Christmas Gifts In My Etsy Shop

Hello, I thought I should let everyone know that although the house renovations are taking a lot longer than expected and I’ve not been able to do much making I still have new stock going into my shop regularly as I kept some work back for pre Christmas listing on Etsy. It’s something I do every year as it saves me having a mad rush making stock in November and December.

Click on the images if you would like to see more information.

There are some gorgeous acer leaf pieces including ecoprinted silk scarves, this one is in gorgeous muted shades.

Ecoprint silk scarf

Also acer leaf prints on paper, both framed, or to frame yourself. I’m always conscious of the price of posting so I like to have some lightweight gifts available.

There are some smaller ceramic gift ideas as well including snowdrop hearts which are usually sold out at this time of year. I made twice as many last January and held some back for the run up to Christmas.

There are a couple of ceramic soap dishes left but I have some waiting for a glaze firing so hopefully I might get them done this week.

I need to get a raku firing done as well as my hanging leaves are selling fast.

Mackerel are still available and small fish too, but these sell out really quickly.

There are days I wish there were more hours, I’m still decorating and waiting for the kitchen and floors to be finished, hopefully the house will be finished for Christmas. Maybe Santa will find my oven and oak flooring on the container ship and bring me a surprise delivery soon 🙂

Have a great weekend.


Last Minute Christmas Gifts From Kiln Fired Art

I don’t  know about you but we are so busy at this time of year that sometimes we leave buying presents to the last minute. I have lots of items in my shop all ready to ship. Orders can be posted first class up to the 20th December for UK delivery.

If you would like it shipped to the recipient I can do that for you too, just add a note and the recipient’s address.

Here’s some gift ideas,  I have a lot more in my shop Kiln Fired Art

Click on the images to go to my shop.

Ceramics for the home

Ceramics and eco print scarves

Leaf ceramics and art for the home

Unique gifts from Kiln Fired Art

Fused glass and ceramic gifts

Kiln Fired Art on Etsy

Christmas Gifts From Kiln Fired Art.

It’s that time of year when life as an Etsy shop owner gets hectic, I have worked on getting my shop fully stocked this week, I hope to get to 200 listings.

Here’s what you can find over at Kiln Fired Art. I have reduced my prices on many items as I need to make some space in my stock room / spare bedroom for my family coming home.

Raku bowls

Christmas gifts raku ceramic bowls

Succulent planters and ikebana bowls.

Succulent pots and ikebana bowls

Rustic stoneware pouring bowls. 
Stoneware pouring bowls

Raku jewellery.

ceramic pendantsCeramic pendants and brooch pins.
Christmas gifts jewellery
Raku clocks.

Ceramic clocks with raku glazeMoon gazing hares.

Christmas gifts ceramic

Raku art tiles.

Ceramic wall art

Christmas gifts ceramic wall art

There’s still some raku leaves left.

Ceramic leaf wall artEco printed silk scarves.

Eco printed silk scarves

And my ever popular  fish wall art are still in stock, and a lot more besides.
Ceramic fish bathroom wall art

So if you are stuck for a gift idea you might just find something in my shop. I haven’t quite made 200 listings as things keep selling. 🙂

I will tell you about my plans for next year next weekend.


Eco Printed Silk And Cotton Scarves

I’ve had such a lot of fun eco printing scarves this week. I could happily keep them all, as I  look at them oohing and ahhing,  but as there is so much I want to explore with this technique, and there are only so many scarves a woman needs I have decided that I need to sell some in order to delve deeper into the mysteries of eco printing.

So in order to put them up for sale I needed some good photos, this was easier said than done, I don’t have a mannequin and my neck is a bit too old to show the scarves off to their best.

So I tried laying them out on the floor, as they are eco printed there are some incidental areas and I feel any potential buyer should see the whole scarf.  I didn’t like the look of them on the carpet.

Eco Printed ScarvesI tried taking a video along the length of the scarf.

Then I folded them on a white background, this was better but I want to show the whole scarf and all the delicious details ( more about that later).

Eco Printed ScarvesAfter taking some photos of the details I thought the closeup pictures don’t show that it’s a scarf.

My Mum used to say “Where there’s a will there’s a way” so I got thinking of what I could use as an alternative neck, so I tried the newel post on the stairs, which worked but it was too distracting.

I used a coat hanger, which I hooked over the cupboard door, the scarf is not opened out enough to show the detail.
Eco Printed Scarves

I hung the scarf over the cupboard door which was good in the fact you can see all the pattern detail of the whole scarf in 2 photos.

Eco Printed Scarves

Eco Printed Scarves

If I’m ever going to add  eco printed textiles to my Etsy shop I will have to work on my photos, and get the iron out 🙂 It’s not the best time of year to take great photos, it’s just too dull and dark.

Now back to the detail photos, there are some amazingly detailed and beautiful areas that I want to share.

I mentioned in my last post cotinus leaves are some of my favourites to print with, and how at this time of year they give a purple print and a beige print dependant on how Autumnal the leaf is on the bush. Not sure if that’s the best description, but the ones that are turning give a different colour.
Eco Printed ScarvesYou can also see a rose leaf in the photo above, I love the ghost outline, but others, as you can see below print as a dark leaf, maybe it depends which way up you put the leaf.
Eco Printed Scarves
This photo also shows another lovely printing leaf, geranium (not pelargoniums), here it’s a lovely textured olive green but below it’s not so textured

Eco Printed ScarvesSome have a halo effect
Eco Printed Scarves
Some were a bright yellow green colour


I also got great results with ferns, oak leaves and wild strawberry leaves. I used natural dyes made from logwood, fustic and madder roots for the backgrounds. These gave a lovely rich purple, pale yellow and a soft shell pink respectively.

I find the whole process totally fascinating, and I’m hooked. I want to play around with mordants and pH values to see what happens, and I’m feeling the need to buy a fish kettle so I can work larger.

These scarves are available on my Facebook page.