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Grey Mares Tail, Black Bob, And The Three Brethren

I love walking in the Scottish Borders at this time of year. The weather didn’t look so good at first but it’s Scotland, you have to expect some Scotch mist. We both love this walk, we’ve done it before, starting from the beautiful waterfall called Grey Mares Tail.

UntitledThe steep path takes you up above the waterfall, then it flattens out and opens up.
The sedges were beautiful, glowing orange in the sunlight but the camera didn’t really pick that up.

This is looking up to the top of the stream, at the rise there was something that took us by surprise on our first visit.

When you get to the rise it opens up into a loch which was unexpected as there’s no view of the loch until you are upon it.

We traced our steps back down, taking a moment to look at the silver thread of the river below.
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The next morning there was a frosty start to the day, but frost seemed to heighten the leaf colours, I’m not sure if that’s a fact or if it’s my imagination. I gathered some to print with.

We set off on a ten mile circular walk to the Three Brethren, which are 3 cairns dating back to the 16th C. But first we had to investigate Black Bob.

If you are of a certain age and you read ‘The Dandy’ comics you may remember Black Bob the wonder dog from Selkirk.

IMG_5921The wonderful illustrations are by Jack Prout.
The stories were written by John Hunter, telling of the adventures of farmer Andrew Glenn and his dog. The Black Bob trail has some display cases showing exhibits relating to the stories and farming in the area, it was lovely to be unexpectedly transported back to childhood.
Then it was onwards and upwards following the way markers through woods then up to the summit. We saw lots of deer tracks in the woods.

A slight detour took us up Foulshiels, we had to battle through bracken, then we had to find a way of getting over a dry stone wall and a stream to get back on the track but it was worth it. The views were spectacular, you can see the Eildon Hills  in the distance, we climbed those on our trip to Etterick Bridge a couple of years ago.

Finally we made it to the summit and the Three Brethren.

Untitled The views were spectacular.

It was such an enjoyable few days break and I recharged my batteries 🙂

Walking in the Scottish Borders – Grey Mares Tail

We spent last weekend walking in the Scottish borders, Autumn is one of my favourite times of year to be out, I love seeing the long shadows showing landscape features you might not see normally. We did get one dry fine day to walk up to Grey Mares Tail, one of Scotland’s finest waterfalls with a cascade of 60m.

The walk starts off on a quite steep path, but there is a gentler path on the other side that only goes to the waterfall.

We headed upwards along a very good path to Loch Skeen. This area was formed by glaciation, the waterfall is the result of there being a hanging valley, and looking back  you could easily see on the far hillside where the ice had scoured and formed the U shaped valley.

Further up the path you get a closer view of one of the cascades.
P1380053Once you get above the waterfall the ground is much flatter, the path follows the stream, past the  hummocks of glacial moraine deposits.
P1380059As we walked along following the stream we came upon this bend in the path, I’m telling you this as when we turned the corner the sight took me totally by surprise.


Suddenly you come upon Loch Skeen.


After taking in the views for as long as the cold allowed we headed back down  and drove to Dobbs Linn in search of graptolite fossils but sadly we didn’t find a thing.


It was a great day out, seeing a flock of fieldfares really made my day, and the trees were looking splendid in full Autumn colour, but that’s another post.