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New Stoneware Bowls

It’s been a long winter this year, feels like I have been stuck inside for months. But I have been planning new work and dreaming of holidays by the sea.

I should also confess to drinking wine by the log fire and cooking up some heart warming meals, well it’s all in the name of hygge and staying warm and cosy. There’s nothing like a homemade pie when the weather is dreek outside, so it seemed pie dishes were inevitable.


These are my individual ‘Pudding and Pie’ dishes, although they could be used in a multitude of ways.pudding and pie dishes

My thoughts of being at the seaside seems quite evident in some of my new work.

These bowls have a lovely turquoise glaze, the one on the right , turquoise and white, evokes memories of sunny days on the beaches of the Isle of Lewis and the crystal clear turquoise water and pale sandy beaches.

stoneware bowls

These bowls reflect the colours of the Norfolk coast, remember my seal trip at Blakeney?  I want to design this range so that each bowl will have a slightly different look, I love to see the contrast of glaze and the warm speckled textures of the clay, each glaze/ bowl is a little different but they all coordinate beautifully.

Kiln Fired Art ceramics

Most importantly these bowls have glazes suitable for tableware and they are high fired so they can go in the microwave and dishwasher.

Once the weather warms up I shall be throwing some more to add to my shop, I’m trying to think of a name for the range, ‘Seaside’ seems to be the obvious choice. What do you think of it?

Ceramic pendants WOYWW

Good morning, I nearly forgot it was Wednesday today so I’m sitting here wondering what I have to show you this morning as I’m still working on the porcelain that I started painting last Wednesday( don’t want to bore you with it), it’s nearly done though so I will be moving onto glass fusing next week.

I had a custom order for a ceramic pendant this week, you can’t just make one pendant, you have to make a kiln load which takes a looooooong time. Then you have to glaze enough to make another firing worth while, but I didn’t glaze everything, that would have been an awful lot of copper / green pendants. And finally there was a third firing to add copper lustre, which, (and I hope you agree) makes the pendants sing.

My customer has chosen the one she wants, the rest will find their way into my Etsy shop, and once I have stocked up the gallery I will be glazing more pendants and beads in other colours. It’s a lot of fun and makes me feel like a big kid.

Which one is your favourite?
Ceramic pendants with copper lustre
P1230130Ceramic doughnut pendantshandmade pendants

I’m heading over to Stamping Ground to see what the other bloggers taking part have on their worktable today

Handmade ceramic clay beads for jewellery makers

January is my month to play with new ideas and put plans into action. I’ve been spending my time playing with clays and glazes and now I’m in the process of listing ceramic bead sets and pendants for jewellery making in my Etsy shop.

bone china beadsI love these bone china beads ,this glaze looks great on them. Bone china is very strong, when I did my C&G course I did some very scientific tests ( LOL) throwing porcelain and bone china, not on a wheel, I mean throwing at a wall! The bone china bounced off undamaged.

handmade beads collageThese beads look great with the black bisque stoneware beads.

I enjoy trying different clay and glaze combinations the end results can look quite different. Also I like mixing the beads together for a unique look, and it’s great for jewellery makers as you don’t have to buy a whole string of one bead type.

handmade artisan beads

mixed clay bead set

And as Valentine’s Day is not far off I’ve listed a selection of heart charms, as well as earring pairs and pendants.
ceramic heart collage

I’ve a lot more handmade bead sets to list in my Etsy shop, but next week I want to have some fun with glass painting and etching so I should have something different to show you then.