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You can’t hold back Spring.

Spring has arrived and there’s so much to do. I haven’t been making much for the past few months because of the house renovations ( will it ever be finished?) but I have had to make time to do some clay work as the Spring flowers are in bloom and they won’t wait. So be it when you work with the seasons.

The snowdrops have gone over now but I got these made a couple of weeks ago. I’m waiting until I have a kiln load to bisque fire them.

I made these ceramic hearts yesterday with daffodils, catkins, prunus blossom, brunnera and pulmonaria.

Also some trinket dishes.

Art tiles, I love seeing these all together, they look great in a group on the wall.

The days are getting lighter and the weather has improved so I have been out walking more. I’m doing a virtual Lands End to John O’Groats walk, a total of 874 miles. This is one of my favourite places, I’m going to have to paint this scene one day.

While I’m out I find lots of inspiration, also pocket finds, I can’t resist picking things up. This treasure trove was found on a walk up the lane. You don’t have to go far to find something inspirational.

It’s almost time for my next ecoprinting endeavour, April’s post will be about old and new foliage.

Raku Love

I had a raku glaze firing this week and it reinforced my love for the raku process. What really gets me is no matter how many Raku firings I’ve done I always find something wonderful and unexpected, like each time is the first time.

I need new experiences in my craft and raku has a way of its own which fulfills that need. I do everything exactly the same as the previous time, same clay, same glaze, same temperature, same reduction bin process but results are rarely the same and there lies the wonderment and excitement for me.

So I  started thinking about what could be different if I look deeper, glaze thickness could vary, rate of heating, air temperature  when they come out of the kiln, combustible materials, temperature and  amount of oxygen in the reduction bin. 

Fish glazed the same way as 100’s before but this time some have a yellow green colours.Ceramic fishThere were a few new pieces too including cosmic hares and wrens. Ceramic decorationsAlso a few hearts and trinket dishes and pendants. Raku work from Kiln Fired Art
Raku work from Kiln Fired ArtAnd leaves of course. Raku work from Kiln Fired Art
Raku work from Kiln Fired ArtThese have all made their way into my Etsy shop Kiln Fired Art. If you would like to see little videos of how the colours change in the light ( you just can’t capture this in a photo) then follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

No Time For Procrastination When Working With The Seasons

I have come to realise there is no time to procrastinate when working with the seasons.

Remember the snowdrop ceramic pieces? Well it’s taken me a bit of time thinking about the right finish, and now I know what I want (through testing different finishes), however the snowdrops have gone over so no more until next year, at least I will be ready, it’s only taken me 3 years  🙂
Here’s what I have ready to go in my Etsy shop today. I have listed different finishes because we don’t all like the same thing, and I want to know which one is your favourite.

Snowdrops ceramics

Snowdrops ceramics

Snowdrops ceramicsThe finish on these tiles is the one I like best, I like the simplicity. I love how each tile will be unique, both in the layout of the flowers and the hand painted matt colour which picks up the plant impressions really well. Real snowdrops might not last long but these will hang on your wall for ever.

Snowdrops ceramicsI only made one snowdrop ring dish, I wish I had made more, it’s so pretty. This has a blue glaze on the outside. Due to the matt colour on the inside these dishes cannot be used for food, they are for trinkets, keys, loose change, soap or just to look at. I think it’s quite lovely, it will be hard to part with it.

Snowdrops ceramics
I finished the Pulmonaria hearts quickly while they are still flowering, I think these will go down well so I’m off to make some more while they are still in flower 🙂

Snowdrops ceramics
I should have these all listed in my Etsy shop so if you want to see what’s available that’s the place to head for.

New ceramics in the making

It’s  been a busy week, I’ve made quite a lot, thankfully my mojo has returned and I think seeing signs that Spring is not far off has given me an energy boost. It’s  come at the right time as I need stock for my Etsy shop and a Spring event.

I made some of the old favourite ‘Ella’s Doily’ ikebana bowls as well as some that are a little different with plant impressions. I am waiting eagerly for the hosta leaves to appear; this working with the seasons takes patience.

Ceramics in the making

Ceramics in the making

Ceramics in the makingThere are hearts too
Ceramics in the makingAnd wrens

Ceramics in the making

Ceramics in the makingAlso a custom order for pendants

Ceramics in the makingThere are clocks and tiles needing cleaning this morning.

UntitledThe tiles are going to have glaze effects.

Also some fish
The snowdrop pieces and little dishes are bisque fired now, I need to consider what glazes to use, more on that later.

Enjoy your day 🙂