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Drawing For Textiles Course

The past week has been very enjoyable and rewarding; I have spent most of my days lost in experimenting with drawing techniques. I’m taking another online course with Dionne Swift, this time it’s Drawing for Textiles.
P1490086I can’t divulge the techniques involved but I can say they took me out of my comfort zone both in technique and scale, my largest drawing so far is 2 metres square.

P1490080I find I like certain areas of my drawings, (shown in these images). I’ve been observing  through a small aperture made from my “L’s” that I use for watercolours. (I’m not sure if we will be doing this on the course, it’s just something I like to do). I have a head full of ideas of how I can interpret these drawings in my work.
P1490078What I find interesting is that each ‘inspiration’ speaks to me in it’s own choice of medium, it might be glass, ceramics, enamel or textiles. Which leads me on to a quote I’ve just read in a book by Pema Chodron……..

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few”.

Maybe this is why I have to keep pushing my creativity by learning new techniques, I love all the possibilities that arise from being a beginner.
P1490075I’m looking forward to the second part of the course starting on Monday, when I get to learn about stitching but now I need to catch up on some ceramic work.

Enjoy your weekend!


Frosty Inspiration – Lord’s Seat Walk

It was such a lovely day yesterday we headed out for a walk up Lord’s Seat. However before we got to the summit we ran into snow and a gale force wind so strong I couldn’t stand upright. Just goes to show you need to be prepared for all weather when you go out at this time of year.

I found some wonderful inspiration for some digital / textile / mixed media work. Lot’s of frost and ice, even some quite thick snow on the north side of the fell.



This icy path twinkled in the sunlight like silver glassy jewels, the frost sparkled like diamonds where the sun had just caught it before it melted.



Wonderful green mossy banks , rocks, roots and lichens.




The weather was almost at extremes, warm and sunny with hardly a breath of wind just meters from the summit, but on the top it was so windy I couldn’t stand upright and it was so bitingly cold we didn’t linger.



On the way down the cloud over Skiddaw cleared giving us a wonderful view of her snowy cap.


And Grizedale Pike’s snow covered peak reminded me of Mount Fuji


So now the challenge begins, the hardest part for me is bringing all my inspiration together in a unified way. I never have trouble finding inspiration, but bringing it together is another matter. It’s time to get the sketchbook out and start exploring . I’ll keep you posted!

Searching for inspiration in the wettest place in England

Borrowdale is the wettest place in England, it’s also very beautiful. Fortunately it was dry when we headed out for a walk, and as always I was in search of inspiration. The colours were amazing, rich russets and vibrant greens, well that’s what you get when it rains a lot.

P1360482Castle Crag was our destination, it’s not that high but it’s a walk not for the faint hearted as it involves a bit of a scramble over a spoil heap to reach the summit Hey if Julia Bradbury can do it 🙂

I felt quite emotional at the summit, not only were the views breath taking but I was moved by the memorial to the men of Borrowdale who died in the Great War.
P1360636We started our walk from the NT car park, then took the stepping stones across the river Derwent, they are still working on repairing the bridge which was devastated by the floods.

P1360488So what did I find to inspire me?

Lots of leaves

The Herdwick sheep, they have such cute faces, I’m going to needle felt one one of these days.

P1360658The ever changing light was amazing.
P1360558P1360517And the views speak for themselves.


P1360625Some of the views were almost oriental in feel, I half expected to find Mr Miyagi looking for bonsai trees growing out of the rock crevices.

P1360648Borrowdale has some stunning scenery, I will definitely be exploring further. It didn’t start to rain until we got back to the car.