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Are you a tortoise or a hare? I’m definitely a tortoise.

When I was out for my jog I decided to try a longer distance, the first 5k in ages. I took it slow and steady, and I got to the finish without having to resort to walking, I felt I had achieved something. The tortoise approach definitely works.

I’ve found being a tortoise is a good thing during lockdown. Slow and steady gets things done. This week I have been working on occasional custom orders, champagne bottles flattened and returned to their owners. I hear some interesting stories from my customers as to why they want their bottle flattened to hang on the wall as a memento of a special time in their lives.

champagne bottle flattened to hang on the wall

I am stocking my shop, I list something daily trying to keep stock levels up. I’ve slowed production down now, it’s not a time to get stressed with the workload. I still have more items to list over the next week or so. Here’s a couple of gift ideas that I added last week.

Ceramic soap dishes, I love the way this glaze breaks over the texture.


Recycled bottle spoon rest this one has gold sparkles to add a bit of bling to the kitchen.


Slowing production has given me more time for packing up parcels, time for jobs round the house and also most importantly a bit of ‘me’ time to get through this strange situation we find ourselves in. I’m trying to get out and enjoy nature, and burn off some sourdough calories, I’m knitting and reading and I have been working on my little ecoprinted book but that will be revealed later.

How are you coping with lockdown? Are you taking the ‘tortoise’ approach?