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Cyanoprint T shirts.

I absolutely love the colour of cyanoprints, I thought a couple of T shirts would be great to wear with jeans.

The T shirts were mordanted with alum and then the cyanoprint solution applied to the fabric, I put cardboard inside first. The plants were placed on top and glass laid on top.

After the prints developed I washed the T shirts, then dried and ironed them. I love how they turned out and couldn’t wait to wear them.

Having worn one of my T shirts I put it in the washing machine on a cool cycle. I was shocked when it came out looking like this.

What happened? I had a look on the internet and this could be down to not exposing long enough, or washing in detergent. I will handwash the other T shirt and see how it goes.

If you have any idea what went wrong I would love to know.