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Refurbishing Stressless Chairs

I haven’t been around much this summer so craft making and blogging have been quite scarce, I’m now doing some home improvements, painting and renovating our home.

I have a couple of Stressless chairs which have damage to the leather, cracks, the top is off the leather in places, and even a hole in the seat. I got a 4 figure quote to have them done professionally and then a Facebook friend told me about Furniture Clinic leather repair kit which she had used to mend a hole in a sofa. I watched the videos and decided to have a go myself .

Here’s some photos showing the leather damage.

Firstly I used their cleaner to get rid of dirt and grease on the leather, then used the hole repair kit to close the tear.

Then I used the filler in the kit to fill the hole and cracks, when dry this was sanded and refilled until the surface was built up.

The next job was to go over these areas with the ‘paint’ which was quite a close match to the colour of my chairs but not quite perfect.

The kit does include primary colours and black so in theory I should have been able to mix the perfect shade but I just couldn’t get it right. I spent 2 days trying.

I decided to buy the leather colourant to do the whole chair, it can transform a leather sofa from one colour to another according to the videos on the website. When it came the colour was really close to my chair colour.

I applied 3 thin coats over the entire back, arms and seat of the chair but seeing the colour was such a good match I decided not to do the sides of the chair because of the woodwork and metalwork.

Then I applied a clear topcoat in several layers to protect the finish, I chose the satin finish but it’s shinier than I would have liked so I might get the matt one and go over them again.

Here’s some before and after photos.

I am absolutely delighted with how my chairs turned out, and it cost less than £100 to do them myself. They look like new again.