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It’s been a busy week.

I’ve had quite a busy week with packing up orders every day. It’s been a bit dull so difficult to get photos to list new items to Kiln Fired Art on Etsy, but eventually I got there. I made a simple stand to photograph my ecoprinted scarves, what a difference that has made to sales. It just shows the importance of having good photos of your work.

The first 2 scarves are ecoprints on viscose, these are really large lightweight sarong sized scarves, so many ways to wear these and also very affordable too.

The peach ecoprinted scarf below is a heavier weight silk crepe scarf, it’s such a pretty colour.

I managed to get out for a walk in search of inspiration once the rain stopped, I found a lot of inspiration in the woods, forest bathing or shinrin yoku as the Japanese call it really lifted my spirits.

Today I am framing and photographing ecoprints, also making paper packs for crafters. I am wondering what my next ecoprint project will be as I want to bring them into my paintings in some way to give a sense of place, I’m thinking collage.

I would like to thank everyone who has watched the Youtube video of my little book, in a week it’s had over 1200 views and some amazing comments, I knew it was precious to me but I am overwhelmed so many people love it too.

Enjoy your Sunday and stay safe.

A Restorative Walk In The Woods And Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall, in a wonderful part of Northumberland was our destination yesterday.
Roman WallThis is Birdoswald Roman fort, below are the granaries. Above shows the remains of the Roman Wall, which you can see snaking across the countryside. I find it incredible that something this old remains, you can still see the tool marks made by the masons hand on the stone.

Birdoswald Roman fortThe views across Nothumberland are breathtaking, or that could have been the stiff breeze.

River IrthingYesterday  turned into one of those days of those days where plans go awry, instead of following a Roman road we decided to head off into the wood that you can see cloaking the river in the picture above.

Combcrag woodSome of the tees had faces.

Combcrag woodSome, like this red cedar were huge, and I wondered how it got to be there.
Combcrag wood

The path was steep in places, as we ventured down we started to get a glimpse of the river Irthing below.

Combcrag woodThis was truly a magical place to be.

Combcrag woodThis area was the site of a Roman quarry, and there’s Roman graffiti on the rocks although I didn’t know that while I was there.

Combcrag woodWe sat a while by the river, watching the dark amber peaty waters flowing by. Time stood still in this place.

There was a hint of Autumn in the air, berries, and signs of leaves changing colour already.  I gathered some from the path to ecoprint  at home. I love the connection this gives me to a place and time, which makes me very emotional.

Combcrag woodIt was a wonderful day out with such diversity to experience, the forest bathing  or shinrin yoku  as the Japanese call it was so restorative, I came home feeling refreshed and ready for some ecoprinting