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Kiln Fired Art

It’s All About The Leaves.

I’ve been trying to get out for a walk locally every day weather permitting. I go out with the intent of finding something in nature that lights me up. This week has been all about the leaves. I am a kid again crunching through piles of dry crisp leaves. I explored a disused quarry to get amongst the trees and to smell the damp earth and foliage, am I weird in loving that smell?

It’s all about the leaves

While I was looking through the leaf litter I discovered badger and deer tracks in the mud.

I definitely found my happy place in the woods.

As the weather has been good we had a raku firing on Friday. I use dry leaves in the combustion bucket, they spark and crackle as they catch alight, I have this idea they impart something of themselves onto my raku leaves.

It’s all about the leaves
It’s all about the leaves

There was some ecoprinting from the leaves I collected last week on the way into town.


All in all it’s been a very leafy week, I think it’s amazing that something so humble as a fallen leaf can provide me with so much pleasure.

The leaves have kept me in my happy place this week, I want to pass that on so I am having a giveaway on my Facebook page Kiln Fired Art, pop over and leave a comment on my giveaway post for the chance to win one of these 4 ecoprints in the “Woodland Floor” series.They come in a mount ready to frame.

It’s all about the leaves
Woodland Floor ecoprints giveaway from Kiln Fired Art

I will announce the winner next weekend. Enjoy your Sunday.

Back to work – back to a different kind of normality.

I’ve made the decision to open up my Etsy and Folksy shops again. At some point things have to start to return to ‘normal’ what ever that is now. Things will probably be this way for the foreseeable future  and we/ I have to get on with our lives at some point. I have to say planning  a trip to the Post Office gave me a sleepless night wondering what the best time and route are to avoid people, I could quite happily stay a recluse, I think a lot of us feel that way.

At the start of the year I made an action plan to take my business forward in 2020, listing everything I needed to make over the summer months to keep me stocked up until the following January. This plan has now gone to pot, like many creative people I have struggled with creativity and making at this time.

What I decided was just do a little bit when I felt up for it, for example I went to tidy the studio , looked at a bag of clay and made a few pieces, much nicer to do than tidy up. I walked around the garden saw the smoke bush had leaves so I did a bit of ecoprinting, and so on.

I have reopened my shop mainly with little gift ideas, like flat hanging leaves which can go in the post box and can be sent direct to a loved one to let them know you are thinking of them.
Hanging leaf Silk scarves, send to a friend, or Mum with a note from you included in the package.
leaf print silk scarf
I made some small fused glass light catchers, I used to make lots of these, they are made with recycled glass they are environmentally friendly . Another small gift that will go through the letterbox and put a smile on someones face.
glass lightcatchers

I have plans to make some small stitched pieces as well as some small artworks so hopefully they will make it into my shop before too long, I’m doing a little when I feel up for it and keeping it fun. There’s lots of raku fish and wall art leaves to list too but all in good time, I’m just going with the flow and easing in gradually for now.

Take care.