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Christmas Gifts From Kiln Fired Art.

It’s that time of year when life as an Etsy shop owner gets hectic, I have worked on getting my shop fully stocked this week, I hope to get to 200 listings.

Here’s what you can find over at Kiln Fired Art. I have reduced my prices on many items as I need to make some space in my stock room / spare bedroom for my family coming home.

Raku bowls

Christmas gifts raku ceramic bowls

Succulent planters and ikebana bowls.

Succulent pots and ikebana bowls

Rustic stoneware pouring bowls. 
Stoneware pouring bowls

Raku jewellery.

ceramic pendantsCeramic pendants and brooch pins.
Christmas gifts jewellery
Raku clocks.

Ceramic clocks with raku glazeMoon gazing hares.

Christmas gifts ceramic

Raku art tiles.

Ceramic wall art

Christmas gifts ceramic wall art

There’s still some raku leaves left.

Ceramic leaf wall artEco printed silk scarves.

Eco printed silk scarves

And my ever popular  fish wall art are still in stock, and a lot more besides.
Ceramic fish bathroom wall art

So if you are stuck for a gift idea you might just find something in my shop. I haven’t quite made 200 listings as things keep selling. 🙂

I will tell you about my plans for next year next weekend.


February 2017 in review

Well I started my log book with great intentions this month but it went wrong quite early on, I think I was over ambitious as to what I could achieve realistically as February is a short month, and we had friends staying for a few days which was great fun.

So this is what was on my list this month:

Things I want to achieve – Placemats ( custom order),felt pictures, hanging pots, hares and wrens, jewellery components, earrings, herb pots, digital textile art. Work on my Etsy shop.

Health and wellbeing–  healthy eating, meditation and exercise. I fell down here with healthy eating for a few days but I meditated most days and did 6 gym sessions and a few walks.

New things to try out – Lino cut, macrame, sketching, etching glasses, texture plates.

What I actually achieved:

Etched glasses

Texture plates and a form for ceramic work – More about these in another post, when I have made something with them.

Glazing earrings and pendants –  I showed some of these in my last post but there’s a lot more to glaze, it seems to take ages to get them all glazed fired and listed in my shop.

Tile paintings- This is the first firing of the boat sheds on Holy Island, I’m working on 4 scenes on tiles which will be mounted on board and framed up, more later.
Glass light catchers.20170226_094809

Watercolours – I’m continuing with my ‘affordable art’ idea as it has had a great response from people, many pieces have found new homes so quickly and that makes me very happy.

I still have these two paintings in my shop, what a bargain at just £4.50. I’m just thinking what a great alternative to a card, and they will last as they can be framed up.

small watercolour painting

small landscape painting

Clay work – I am loving playing with clay, these ikebana bowls and succulent planters are drying out waiting for a bisque firing. As you can see I made a vase as well. I have some ideas for new pots too.

Hanging hares and wrens, and a few fish too, being photographed for my shop
ceramic hanging hares

Placemats for a customer.
glass coasters

All in all I don’t think I’ve done so bad this month but it is a very busy time of year for me, I have shops to stock up for Spring, and I’ve just bought something that’s going to challenge me for a while, and take up a lot of mt time so I better get up to date with my orders before my new toy arrives.

My succulent pots , finally finished!

Remember the succulent pots I was making? Well I finally found time to get them glazed and planted. All but one survived the glaze firing, but I learned not to place a large pot near the elements, and to fire slowly. So I need to make some more as my collection of succulent plants seems to be growing.
succulent potI made these plant pots for me, I wanted them to look handbuilt with lots of textures. I was inspired by vintage textiles and the women who had gone before me who worked with fabrics and yarn to make items for our homes.I have been getting back into knitting and crochet lately so I suppose it was inevitable this would show in my ceramic work too.

I think I wiped too much glaze off this pot, but it’s a gorgeous colour.

From Kiln Fired Art

I gave this pot a ‘pie crust’ edge which reflects the form of the plant. I love the wonky shapes you can achieve with hand built pots, they have so much character.

succulent potsI knew this pot was going to have a dark glaze to contrast with the purple foliage. It wasn’t quite as blue as I wanted but it’s still nice.

pots for succulents

I have come to love hand building ceramics, I did intend to learn how to throw but for now I’m quite content to explore handbuilding as I love the ‘wonkiness’ you can achieve which instantly says it’s handmade. It also shows, (to me at least) that a lot of time went into the making, and all the thought processes involved along the way. I’m sure it’s the same for wheel throwing too but I’m happy doing what I’m doing, for now anyway.

Ceramic Succulent Planters and Ikebana Vases

Here are my new handbuilt ceramic succulent planters , a new range from Kiln Fired Art . I love the way the texture reflects the form of the succulent plants. Once planted they take very little looking after, I have had mine planted up for 3 months and it’s only been watered 2 or 3 times.  I think this must be because they are covered so there is little evaporation. My succulent is an Echevera, and it’s so happy it has even flowered.

I put a layer of gravel in the base of the pot, then planted in cacti compost and topped it off with some more gravel.

I think the key to growing succulent plants is to not over water, I have a moisture meter that I can easily poke into the soil , but if you just feel the compost with your finger you can feel if it is damp.

It’s been pointed out to me that these are the perfect bowl for Ikebana, Japanese flower arranging, so I have ordered a pin to try it out.

succulent planters ceramic handmade x
I haven’t blogged much lately as I have been so busy with my new work. Something in my stars must have been in alignment lately as I have been quite prolific and produced 3 new lines of work, I will show you more in the next few days.

Enjoy your weekend


Ceramic succultent planters – WOYWW

Hello, here’s my table last night, nothing has changed this morning except these are now covered with polythene to dry slowly.

I have been working with clay recently, hand building succulent planters, and some more ceramic beads as I’m running out of stock. Clay has to be the messiest medium, and I’m the messiest worker, and I know you paper crafts people are very neat and tidy . Feeling a tad ashamed over the state of my studio I spent yesterday morning cleaning up my mess in order to get some photos that I felt I could share.
P1300887Here are a few closeups, there are planters of all sizes, I have had so many folks commenting on the large planter I made for myself I thought I needed a range to suit everyone. Some have a slightly domed top, they remind me of flying saucers.
P1300889The large planter was quite a struggle but in the end I’m happy with it, let’s hope it fires well. I made a little egg shaped pot, maybe a planter but it would work for lots of other uses too.

P1300890I love making ceramic beads, I love the feel of the clay when rolling it into balls, and choosing the glazes, but my favourite part ( which makes me feel like a girl again) is putting them together in mixed sets. I can spend quite a bit of time doing this, just playing with the beads.
P1300891I hope everyone is feeling productive, I will head over to Stamping Ground to see what you are doing today