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Ceramic succultent planters – WOYWW

Hello, here’s my table last night, nothing has changed this morning except these are now covered with polythene to dry slowly.

I have been working with clay recently, hand building succulent planters, and some more ceramic beads as I’m running out of stock. Clay has to be the messiest medium, and I’m the messiest worker, and I know you paper crafts people are very neat and tidy . Feeling a tad ashamed over the state of my studio I spent yesterday morning cleaning up my mess in order to get some photos that I felt I could share.
P1300887Here are a few closeups, there are planters of all sizes, I have had so many folks commenting on the large planter I made for myself I thought I needed a range to suit everyone. Some have a slightly domed top, they remind me of flying saucers.
P1300889The large planter was quite a struggle but in the end I’m happy with it, let’s hope it fires well. I made a little egg shaped pot, maybe a planter but it would work for lots of other uses too.

P1300890I love making ceramic beads, I love the feel of the clay when rolling it into balls, and choosing the glazes, but my favourite part ( which makes me feel like a girl again) is putting them together in mixed sets. I can spend quite a bit of time doing this, just playing with the beads.
P1300891I hope everyone is feeling productive, I will head over to Stamping Ground to see what you are doing today


WOYWW – some little birds

It’s Wednesday again so it’s WOYWW with Julia from Stamping Ground. I think my blogging would have ground to a halt  recently if I didn’t have the discipline of doing WOYWW.

I’m working in the house again today,  yes I know, I should be in the studio but it’s too cold and by the time it’s heated up I could have my work done.

Today I’m cleaning some clay pieces, tiles, lacy tea lights, which are affectionately known in this house as ‘wonky pots’, because they show that they are handmade by their form. Also I’m making some new pieces for the gallery this spring, these little birds on a stick, to put in planters and vases. I’ve loads more ideas in my head, you know how it is one thing leads to another.
P1290057Enjoy your day whatever you are doing, I think I might roll some beads while I’m at it.


WOYWW – woodland themed decs

This is what’s drying on my worktable today, lovely heart decorations made from the bits and pieces brought back from the woods. See post below if you haven’t read about my walk on Sunday.

Ceramic Christmas decorations

I made some tiles and trinket dishes too.  These will all have coloured stains added to bring out the detail.Ceramic Christmas decorations
When I was cleaning the greenware snowflakes more than half of them broke, I think they were too dry and brittle. Oh well fingers crossed they fire ok so I have something to deliver at the weekend.  I will show you everything again when they are finished.Ceramic Christmas decorationsIt’s a dreadful day here today, foggy dark and gloomy so I’m going to brighten my day by painting. I’m going to get the china paints and lustres out and paint some bowls. At least my enthusiasm is back. But first I’m heading over to Stamping Ground to catch up on blog hoppers. I love to see what crafty projects others are doing.

Oh, by the way my printing experiments were a flop, the plate looked better than the prints LOL. I will have to work on this, when I get the time. Printmaking, textiles and ceramics , now that’s something I’d love to combine.

Ceramic pendants WOYWW

Good morning, I nearly forgot it was Wednesday today so I’m sitting here wondering what I have to show you this morning as I’m still working on the porcelain that I started painting last Wednesday( don’t want to bore you with it), it’s nearly done though so I will be moving onto glass fusing next week.

I had a custom order for a ceramic pendant this week, you can’t just make one pendant, you have to make a kiln load which takes a looooooong time. Then you have to glaze enough to make another firing worth while, but I didn’t glaze everything, that would have been an awful lot of copper / green pendants. And finally there was a third firing to add copper lustre, which, (and I hope you agree) makes the pendants sing.

My customer has chosen the one she wants, the rest will find their way into my Etsy shop, and once I have stocked up the gallery I will be glazing more pendants and beads in other colours. It’s a lot of fun and makes me feel like a big kid.

Which one is your favourite?
Ceramic pendants with copper lustre
P1230130Ceramic doughnut pendantshandmade pendants

I’m heading over to Stamping Ground to see what the other bloggers taking part have on their worktable today

Another small step – WOYWW

I have finally found a bit of time to play, a few weeks ago I managed to make a plaster mould so I can cast my own vases. Today I got the slip out and had  go at pouring. I discovered the hard way that if you don’t put the bands on properly all the slip runs out and makes a mess, how do I know?

Best not to ask!

Here is the plaster mould being made.

Yes, I have a mould!P1200124 After a very messy time, (which I forgot to photograph), I have 2 porcelain vases drying out. P1220837

I know there is a lot that can go wrong before these pieces are finished but I’m learning all the way. Just wondering if I should wait until bisque fired to try and smooth them up a bit more.

Now if you would like to see what Julia and everyone has on their worktables today head over to Stamping Ground