Health and safety for painting with overglaze enamels (china paints)

Health and safety for working with overglaze enamels

  • Do not eat drink, or smoke when working with overglaze enamels.
  • Wash hands after working
  • Do not inhale overglaze powder, wear a mask .
  • Do not ingest  overglaze enamels, don’t be tempted to lick your brush.
  • To ensure health and safety requirements children must be supervised at all times.
  • Once fired, unless laboratory tested it will be unknown whether the  overglaze enamels are entirely food safe, so my recommendation is to use them to decorate areas that do not come into direct contact with food, like the rim of a plate, or use painted items for decorative use only.

Disclaimer All participants are responsible for their own safety on this project and I / Kiln Fired Art cannot be held responsible in any way for health and safety issues arising from taking part.


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