Kiln Fired Art is having a sale!

I’m having a 12 Days Christmas Sale!
20% off everything in my Etsy shop with code XMASSALE12

Click on the image to go to my shop, and don’t forget to enter the code to claim your discount. I will be listing new items daily for the next 12 days so pop over daily to see what’s new.
Christmas sale

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Clay bead moulds buttons and Christmas decorations

I need to make a few more Christmas decorations as they go fast, so while I had the clay out I thought about making for an event in February. It’s a Craft Kits event, and I will be supplying beads and buttons. I also need to stock up my shop with ceramic beads and introduce buttons.

I haven’t done an event like this before so I need to get busy making.  I’ve made a few bead moulds, I had a problem with my buttons sticking, flouring the button didn’t help that much, so taking an approach from baking I floured the clay, just like pastry, and this was much more successful. They weren’t drying fast enough in the studio so I brought them indoors. Being impatient has it’s costs as some have cracked. I found the little squashed clay balls worked better than rolled out clay which cracked more.



I love making new things, and I’m looking forward to chilling over the Christmas holidays making beads and buttons. Now I’m off to design some button cards using my Cameo.

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Lustres and precious metals

Reposting a couple of videos about lustres and precious metals

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52 inspirational photos – week 47

I love Yorkshire barns, I have to paint some barns soon.
Kettlewell barn

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Fibulae pins with handmade glass beads

I’ve had such a busy few weeks pricing up for the pop up gallery, followed by a few days away to relax, if you call 12 mile walks relaxing.

One of my last makes before setting up the gallery were fibulae. I make my lampwork glass beads throughout the year so I have a selection to choose from. I love the process of choosing the beads for each fibula, I think it’s the putting together the colours, shapes, but especially the textures. I do love frit beads. I  like to choose individual beads that coordinate. I do this with my bead sets too, mixing glass beads with ceramic beads.
fibula broochI made so many fibula pins I have some for my Etsy shop.

I think my choice of colour and texture reflect my love of the landscape and I could happily keep each and every shawl pin I make.
fibula shawl pin

Click on the images for more information about these fibulae.

Read more about my fibula pins here and how to wear them.

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I’ve finished my poncho!

I’m not sure if it’s a poncho or maybe a shawl, it has a point at the front but not at the back.

I loved making this, it was so gratifying for someone new to crochet to work on something that grew so quickly. I also love the colours, and I do love natural fibres.

If you would like to have a go making one the Drops poncho pattern is available to download for free, and the yarn is very reasonably priced too.

I can see myself snuggling up in front of the TV in my lovely warm poncho!

My blanket yarn has arrived today :-) and so I’m hurriedly finishing my knitted felted slippers……more about those later.

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52 inspirational photos- week 46

Misty morning.

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