Chelsea bun revival

There was a time when I used to make Chelsea buns on a regular basis, I loved the soft bread and the sweet buttery currants inside,  I would top them off with a glace icing. I thought it was time to give them a revival and try and make them more heart healthy.

I got the basic recipe from a cookbook, but here’s Paul Hollywood’s recipe if you want to try them.

So here’s my dough before and after proving.P1160806


I’ve made a lot of heart healthy cakes where the butter is substituted with stewed apples so that’s what I did, and I omitted the sugar from the filling, but I did add cinnamon.

Once the filling is spread on the rolled out dough you roll it up like a swiss roll.


Then slice into catherine wheels and then leave to prove.


This is how mine came out of the oven, they won’t win any prizes. I glazed them with a brush of runny honey.P1160819

The perfect tea time treat.P1160822

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My crochet progress

Thanks for the input yesterday, I will be keeping the same blog theme. I tried updating the font and button colour but apparently you need the paid version to do that so it will be staying the same for now. I will make a new fresher banner when I have time.

Now my crochet progress……..

Well I’ve run out of yarn, I managed to get 48 squares made, I thought I’d have half a blanket but when I laid them out it’s more like quarter of a blanket.
2014-10-17 13.17.59

I don’t really want to spend £120 on a blanket ( my fault for loving natural fibres) so I’ve had a change of plan and I’m going to make cushions, well the front of some cushions to be more precise. The problem is I need 50 squares and I’ve 48, so I’ve managed to squeeze out 2 more centres from the yarn left over, so now I only need to buy one more colour to finish them and crochet the squares together, I’ve chosen the dark blue and ordered a couple of balls. Watch this space!
2014-10-17 13.18.16

P.S. I’ve ordered some yarn to make a poncho too :-)


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Blogging 201, giving my blog a makeover

I’m participating in Blogging 201 and the past couple of days I’ve been thinking about how I’d like my blog to look. We have to ask ourselves what we want our blog to be, what it should look like, I have a vision of having a craft and lifestyle blog with a nice clean contemporary look that will appeal to women of a similar age to myself. So with that in mind I have tried a few different themes for my blog, and I’ve taken a few screen shots. So what do you think, which one do you like best? I would really appreciate your feedback. Number 1. blog1 Number 2. blog2 Number 3. Blog3 Number 4. blog4 Number 5. blog5

I find branding really hard work especially when considering the diversity of my work and blog content, and also all the online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, my website, and Etsy. Maybe sticking with a banner would be a good idea to link everything together, what do you think? I look forward to finding out which theme is most popular, please leave a reply below.

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52 inspirational photos – week 43

Scotney CastleScotney Castle

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Monday’s natter – The last roses of summer, new socks and Blogging 201!

It’s definitely feeling like Autumn now, the trees are losing their leaves and it’s getting chilly in the evenings. We lit the log burner for the first time last week. But the watery sun has been giving it’s best shot at pretending summer hasn’t quite gone yet, and so have my roses.

It’s time to get out the socks and keep my feet warm, I don’t like wearing slippers. So I was browsing Etsy the other day in search of woollen socks and I found a lovely shop called Knitogethersox I fell in love with all the gorgeous hand knitted socks in Julie’s shop, so I ordered myself a pair.

The socks arrived really quickly and they are stunning, beautifully made, and they were beautifully packaged too, they would make a lovely gift.

They are a perfect fit too, thank you Julie.

I’ve also signed up for WordPress Blogging 201 which starts today, I wonder where that will take me. More later!

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New glass art- hand painted wildlife on glass panels

New work from me this week, I love these hand painted glass art panels with hares and a wren, which are my favourite subjects to paint. There is quite a bit of work involved in making these pieces which combine glass fusing and slumping with glass painting over several fires.
painted glass collage

They look lovely just as they are but they also work well with tea lights, and I particularly like them in a window so they borrow the landscape and become animated, changing with the weather and the seasons.

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Could this be the last hare bowl I’ll paint!

I took this bowl out of the kiln this morning, I’ve painted many hare bowls over the years but this could be the last one I paint. I’m feeling quite sad that it’s getting harder and harder to find quality porcelain or bone china bowls in large sizes.
hare bowl, handpainted ceramics

It’s not just noticeable in the supermarkets that things are getting smaller for the same price, this has happened with my porcelain supplier. It’s been a downward slope for a long while now. I remember spending 2 days in Stoke on Trent visiting all the bone china manufacturers but now they have gone, I only know of one supplier of white bone china in Stoke now.

Ah well, c’est la vie, it’s time to move on.

The exciting thing that has come out of this is I’m developing new work in other media, it’s all very exciting and what fun I’m having. When one door closes another one opens.


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