New glass art- hand painted wildlife on glass panels

New work from me this week, I love these hand painted glass art panels with hares and a wren, which are my favourite subjects to paint. There is quite a bit of work involved in making these pieces which combine glass fusing and slumping with glass painting over several fires.
painted glass collage

They look lovely just as they are but they also work well with tea lights, and I particularly like them in a window so they borrow the landscape and become animated, changing with the weather and the seasons.

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Could this be the last hare bowl I’ll paint!

I took this bowl out of the kiln this morning, I’ve painted many hare bowls over the years but this could be the last one I paint. I’m feeling quite sad that it’s getting harder and harder to find quality porcelain or bone china bowls in large sizes.
hare bowl, handpainted ceramics

It’s not just noticeable in the supermarkets that things are getting smaller for the same price, this has happened with my porcelain supplier. It’s been a downward slope for a long while now. I remember spending 2 days in Stoke on Trent visiting all the bone china manufacturers but now they have gone, I only know of one supplier of white bone china in Stoke now.

Ah well, c’est la vie, it’s time to move on.

The exciting thing that has come out of this is I’m developing new work in other media, it’s all very exciting and what fun I’m having. When one door closes another one opens.


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Comfort food – Spiced chickpeas with cumin roasted potatoes


This is another one of my favourite vegetarian cookbooks, I decided to cook Simon’s chickpea stew but I changed it a little . I made potato wedges instead of diced potatoes, I cut down on the celery as it tends to take over a dish, and I missed out the red pepper as OH doesn’t eat them. Here’s my version in photo’s.

I love this kind of comfort food and I’d happily become vege if I had food like this every day.

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Drying herbs in the microwave

P1160305I’ve loads of lovely herbs in the garden this year due to the warm summer. I love using fresh herbs but it’s a good idea to have some dried ones as well , for those days it’s to wet and windy to want to venture out to pick fresh herbs.


These bay leaves have been placed on kitchen paper then they are microwaved with a blast of a minute at a time, and here they are when they are dried. Some did crackle a bit and have eruptions on the surface, probably due to moisture but they are still ok to use.


Sage leaves getting the same treatment. They don’t take long, only about a minute on full power. Keep watching them as there is a risk of the paper catching fire so don’t walk away.P1160355

And after drying.P1160357

Dried rosemaryP1160360

Soft herbs are better chopped and frozen, this is mint in an ice cube tray with a drop of water. I will add these to curries and spicy stews.drying herbs

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Now there are 30!

I think I have got the hang of making the Granny squares now, it’s only taken me 45 to 50 years but I do have patience in abundance.Ha ha!

I don’t know how many it will take to make a blanket, I thought 60 would be enough but twice the size of 30 isn’t very big at all.  I wonder how far my yarn will go, I shall weigh the squares and remaining yarn and guestimate.

I’ve set a goal to make 60 by the end of the month, so I’ll be happy if I get there.  There’s a lot of winter evenings ahead to make more squares.

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52 inspirational photos – week 42

Killin, ScotlandKillin

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Monday’s natter, day 13 of Blogtoberfest

It’s day 13 of Blogtoberfest and I’m well into the swing of things, once I made a plan that is, so I know some of what’s to follow in the next few days, but not everything.

Today I’m going to show you my shelves that OH finished putting up yesterday, we couldn’t complete them in the beginning as we bought up all the shelving in this width from our local DIY shop. Finally after a couple of weeks they have new stock.

My studio doesn’t have the look of those stylish ones on Pinterest but it works well for me, I like open shelving with baskets as it makes it so much easier to find things. It is a working studio after all. I’m gradually getting to know where I have put everything and I no longer go into 3 drawers before I find the one with the rulers in it.

I’m having a day glueing bails onto pendants today, tying up coaster sets and other more boring tasks. Enjoy your day whatever you are doing.

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