500 posts! WOYWW

This is my 500th post here on Kiln Fired Art blog, I can’t believe I’ve kept going so long, so thank you to my followers as you have kept me going all this time, it’s great to get feedback.
I’ve been away with friends over the weekend so not much going on on my worktable for today’s WOYWW, but I hope to glaze the leaf buttons later today.

We had a great time over the weekend including a trip Stratford upon Avon, and a visit to the FourTeas tearoom.









The decor is 1940’s, and the waitresses are dressed in period clothes. The crockery is green utility ware, and the menu was a ration book.

Afternoon tea was a real treat, and not ration size portions, the whole experience was very enjoyable,  I was really taken the ‘Make do and Mend’ posters.



And as children are returning to school can you imagine  if they had reinforced clothes, although my lad would put the knees out of his trousers within the first week of school and always ended up with patched knees.


I better head off down the garden path to get some work done but first I’m going to have a quick look at Stamping Ground to see what everyone has on their worktables today.


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Kiln Fired Art Studio, a year on

I moved into my lovely studio a year ago today, I’ve worked really hard since I moved in. Getting the studio built was definitely the right thing to do, I wish I’d done it years ago.

I was wondering what to show you today to celebrate, so I took a photo of how it looks one year on, and I was going to write about how the space works, what doesn’t work.

Also the unexpected bonus of the studio acting as a hide to birdwatch, I have my new feeders set up for the winter, I should get some good photo’s from the window next to the sink .

P1230368Then I thought a view of the garden, when I spied something rustling about in the undergrowth.P1230369

It was a cute hedgehog snuffling about looking for worms. P1230383



I’ve had so much inspiration from the wildlife that comes to visit me, which really was an unexpected bonus, such a gift, and I just love it!



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A ray of sunshine this morning

  1. A little ray of sunshine this morning, I’m having a a leisurely morning reading blogs and emails with coffee and toast with homemade tangerine marmalade  that I made last weekend, it tastes of sunshine alright.
  2. Remember the hand painted tiles with garden birds that I did for a client in London? She has sent me some pictures of the tiles now they are installed, I think they look great, and work very well with her lovely kitchen units, don’t you think? tilea

tilecEnjoy your Sunday, I hope you find time to chill out.

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Fused glass tiles, second firing

The abstract fused glass  tiles are having a second firing today, I want some raised texture on them.


These tiles are all about texture and movement, and hopefully a bit watery. Once fired I may decide to do some platinum penwork on them, I love abstract but I feel they may be just a bit lacking and a few silvery lines might pull them together .

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Vases survived the bisque firing. Marci are you there?

I couldn’t wait to open the kiln this morning to see how the vases fired. I took the temperature up very slowly and the kiln had just finished by the time I went to bed.

The vases haven’t warped at all, and neither have my buttons so I’m a happy bunny , now I need to order some glaze. I haven’t used anything other than brush on glaze so if you have any tips to prevent pinholes and all the other things that can go wrong glazing I’d love to hear from you……… Marci, are you there LOL!


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It’s Wednesday again , WOYWW

Hello deskers, where has the week gone?

I delivered all my new makes (ones I’ve shared recently) to the gallery on Sunday. It’s a full day round trip so I didn’t get anything else done. While I was there a felt artist asked me for some leaf buttons, I’ve plenty of buttons but no tiny leaf ones so out came the stoneware clay on Monday .

I made some terracotta beads but my camera says the file is corrupt so no photo. Finally I have enough bisque ready to fire, (remember those vases I made). So today the clay pieces will go into the kiln. These glass pieces are what greeted me on opening up this morning, some will be framed up but they may need more work first, the coasters are an order.
My worktable today is a total mess, so maybe it’s just as well that photo didn’t come out either. I’m off to browse some of the other participants over on Stamping Ground before I go and tidy it up.

Happy crafting.

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New fused glass coasters and handkerchief drape vases

New fused glass coasters and handkerchief drape vases

I’ve been working with some different glass lately, it’s taken a few fires to get my kiln temperatures right but it’s been worth it in the end, I love the vibrant colours and the gorgeous swirly look of this glass.

fused glass coastershandmade glass coasters pinks

I’m going to make a confession here, I got the firing temperatures right, went away for a few days then couldn’t remember  the temperatures and timings so I had to start all over again. I don’t know if my kilns fire hot but the temperatures were much lower than recommended by the glass manufacturer.

glass drapeswirly glass hankerchief vase and coasters

fused glass drape and coasters
Note to self: write everything down straight away!

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A fused glass WOYWW

Good morning deskers wherever you are in the world !

If you don’t know what I’m talking about have a look at Stamping Ground to view all the blogs participating in this blog hop Wednesday.

I’m happy this morning, thinks looked great when I opened the kiln this morning, unlike my last glass kiln opening which revealed a glassy disaster

Sooo I pre fired the glass to burn off what I think is the stay clean coating on the glass, and voila, nothing slipped! I can now fulfill my orders once I get the decals fired on.



This is a short post today ( you can always go and look at my glassy disaster post) , I didn’t get much done yesterday so need to get busy.

Thanks for stopping by

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Drawing with a hammer

I have made a decision to give up making metal jewellery, my hands don’t like it and I want to paint and draw more. So I’m selling off some tools, including my rolling mill if anyone is interested, ( just keeping a few basic items just in case I want to make something).

When going through my tools I thought I may as well use up what metal I have left and whilst I still have my rolling mill. Then I got thinking that some of my pieces have designs that indicate landscape or foliage and texture, I love making these pieces as I don’t have a plan I just work intuitively, just like drawing and painting.

I made this cuff which was ‘drawn’ with hammers, 3 different, but very basic hammers, once you know the marks they make , then just wielding them in different ways can create something impressionistic that represents foliage or landscape, and I got the same buzz that I get from painting and drawing.

Here’s my ‘hammer drawn’ copper cuff bangle.

Copper cuff bangle textured hammered foliage design
And here’s some silver pendants with landscape and foliage impressions that  I made a while back.
Landscape and texure pendants pendants

I do like drawing with the hammer but my hands have kept me awake all night. The cuff is now on Etsy, but once I have finished using up my metal sheet I won’t be making any more ‘hammer drawn’ cuffs.

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Chillililli, try saying that fast! I had few veg needing using up so I thought I’d have a go at making piccalilli, but my OH doesn’t like mustard so I changed the recipe adding curry powder instead of mustard powder, also sliced garlic, grated ginger and a chilli.


There are loads of piccalilli recipes out there if you want to try for yourself. First you chop the veg and salt overnight, I was surprised how much water came out the veg. Then after rinsing they are cooked until just tender in the vinegar and sugar.


Then you thicken with cornflour and the spices mixed with some of the vinegar.



Put in warm sterilized jars. It’s really very easy to make, and tastes great with cold meats, pies, cheese etc. I know the family will soon finish this lot off at Christmas.

I like to seal the jars with cling film before putting on the lids as the vinegar can corrode the metal. You can tell you have an air tight seal as the film becomes concave as the pickle cools. This also means it should store well.

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