Copper jewellery sale

Kiln Fired Art has 40% off copper and silver jewellery while stock lasts. Including enamelled earrings , copper bangles and cuffs which are perfect summer holiday jewellery.
copper jewellery sale

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5 on Friday – Mam Tor

I had a walk up Mam Tor last Friday; for old times sake, this used to be a favourite walk of mine. Mam Tor means Mother Hill, this name comes from the fact that several land slips have resulted in small hills around the base of the Tor.  It’s also known as Shivering Mountain. These slips occurred because of unstable shale layers beneath, the land slip is quite clear in my photo.
P1300943The views are stunning, towards Kinder, Edale, and Hope valleys.
P1300951P1300960P1300959There is evidence of Bronze Age and Iron Age settlements on Mam Tor, the hill fort is supposed to be one of the earliest in Britain.

The road at the bottom closed in 1979, as you can see there has been quite a lot of damage done by the land slips.

It’s a relatively easy walk with good footpaths, I hope it’s not too long before I return. Now I’m heading over to Love Made My Home to see what other 5 on Friday participants are up to.

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Kiln Fired Art is having a sale

I reached a decision a while back to give up making silver jewellery so I’m having a sale in my Etsy shop. I have 40% off my silver jewellery which has already had a price reduction.

If you see something you like but don’t want to buy through Etsy then contact me through my blog.
The coupon code is SILVERSALE40

I will be having a reduction on copper jewellery too.

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WOYWW – slip casting mugs and melted bottles

Not made much since last week as I have been away, my succulent planters are still sitting drying slowly, but they have been moved off my table so I can do some slip casting. I have some mugs which have been cleaned and are drying. There’s one I broke when I was cleaning it, they are very fragile at this stage. As you can see slip casting is a very messy business, especially if you don’t have the strap securing the mould tight enough. Last time I did this I was pouring in slip wondering where it was all going, until I looked down at the floor. This time I used 3 straps to be sure it was secure.
Kiln Fired Art studio
Also there’s a  flattened bottle that has just come out the kiln, it’s a customer’s own champagne bottle which has been flattened to hang on the wall. I’m about to pack it up and head off to the Post Office.

If you would like to know more about WOYWW then visit Stamping Ground  to see what Julia and everyone else has been up to.

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Ceramic succultent planters – WOYWW

Hello, here’s my table last night, nothing has changed this morning except these are now covered with polythene to dry slowly.

I have been working with clay recently, hand building succulent planters, and some more ceramic beads as I’m running out of stock. Clay has to be the messiest medium, and I’m the messiest worker, and I know you paper crafts people are very neat and tidy . Feeling a tad ashamed over the state of my studio I spent yesterday morning cleaning up my mess in order to get some photos that I felt I could share.
P1300887Here are a few closeups, there are planters of all sizes, I have had so many folks commenting on the large planter I made for myself I thought I needed a range to suit everyone. Some have a slightly domed top, they remind me of flying saucers.
P1300889The large planter was quite a struggle but in the end I’m happy with it, let’s hope it fires well. I made a little egg shaped pot, maybe a planter but it would work for lots of other uses too.

P1300890I love making ceramic beads, I love the feel of the clay when rolling it into balls, and choosing the glazes, but my favourite part ( which makes me feel like a girl again) is putting them together in mixed sets. I can spend quite a bit of time doing this, just playing with the beads.
P1300891I hope everyone is feeling productive, I will head over to Stamping Ground to see what you are doing today


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A walk along the Coffin Road in search of inspiration.

I had a trip out along the Coffin Road this morning, I needed to get out and allow nature to stimulate my senses and inspire me.

It was quite cold in the shade, there’s a dusting of snow on the Fells, but there were moments when I felt like a snake basking in the warm sunshine, soaking in every ray, sitting peacefully enjoying one of my favourite views.

Grasmoor always feels like a big welcoming hug of a Fell

P1300870Today there were some new arrivals.
There are things a camera can’t capture, like sounds; a skylark singing, and sheep bleating down in the valley. It’s surprising how sound carries on a still day.

P1300859We heard woodpeckers knocking, and brooks babbling.
P1300877The smells; sun warmed wet grass, and warm earthy mud, but the air was crisp fresh and clean too.
P1300847Trees coming into leaf; whatever time of year these mixed woodland  textures and colours are always inspirational.


Lichens always inspire me, but what medium do I choose? Felting, embroidery, ceramics, or enamelling?  Maybe I should try them all.
lichensI feel revived and peaceful, happy in the knowledge of the ever changing seasons. Nothing revives me like a walk in the countryside.


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Hand painted tile mural – WOYWW

Hello deskers, I haven’t been around much as I’ve been so busy. I do have something to show you today, remember the  handpainted tile mural I was working on? Well it’s finally finished. There were issues with the tiles and one broke so I had to wait for a replacement tile. Here is the finished Aga backsplash, it was quite a challenge to do in just 2 fires. My client loves it which makes me very happy.
hand painted tile mural
Now I’m off to Stamping Ground for a catch up

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Creative Sundays – some paintings of Yorkshire

I have been so busy getting gallery stock ready I haven’t had time to write any blog posts for a while.  Here are some paintings inspired by my time living in Yorkshire, oh how I loved living by the river Wharfe, it gave me so much inspiration. This barn is a place very dear to my heart, I used to walk past it almost every day on my way to say hello to Linton Falls.

These paintings are ‘kiln fired art’, overglaze enamels on a ceramic support, ( aka a tile ). I have framed them up with the help of Jamie Oliver LOL !
Dales Farm

Hand painted tile

Overglaze paintingI weight the tiles until they are set, and Jamie’s cookbooks are just the right weight.


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Reflections – Creative Sundays

I have had a few days fell walking with my camera, the weather was really good, sunny and still so the reflections were amazing. These photos are from a walk around Buttermere.




All photos copyright of J. Egan

I’m giving up on the linky but if you leave a comment on this post I will pop over and leave a comment on your blog.

Enjoy your Sunday whatever you are doing, I’m having a rest and pricing up.


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5 on Friday – 5 days in the life of a WW1 soldier

I never knew my Great Grandfather, but my Gran told me lots of stories about him being killed in World War 1. She was only 7 when he died but she kept his memory alive. I was always invited for Sunday lunch on Remembrance Sunday, and we would watch the Centotaph on TV.

I have diaries written by my Great Grandfather, Lance Corporal  Charles Robert Nicholson,of the 19th Battalion,Northumberland Fusiliers. With the aid of a scanner I am trying to transcribe his diaries, the writing is small and very faint but much of it can be read with use of the scanner and some photo manipulation

This is Charles
C R Nicolson photo1

His diary from 1916
C R Nicolson ww1 diary 009

5 Days of life for a WW1 soldier ( writing in italics are my thoughts)

28th May  Vielle Chapelle for some cards. A.D. BD12. 7? M Rh 20 -30?  A Raid

I know he sent cards home, but not sure what the symbols and initials mean 

29th May Engineers 3  v 19 NF 2. Lacoutuer city ground, football match. Ret 2.30am

A football match, his side got beaten

30th May Notts & Derby 50 killed. Attack in ….. ? Germans driven back. Heavy bombardment. Billets shelled Std. To.

9th  June Road repairing Lacouteur. British Cemetery. Raid on German trenches.  Pte Askew killed. Buried Lacouteur. 10th trench. Cadbury communications.

I believe there is a General called Bournville, so I think he called him Cadbury but I will have to look into this further.

10th  June Road repair. Thunder lightening raining. 5th Cornwalls L Fou.? First strawberries.  Lacoutuer both. Heavy Sraff

I found this very touching , such terrible things going on around him but he still wrote he had his first strawberries. Maybe he was holding on to a little bit of normality.

I will be telling you more about Charles Robert Nicholson in other posts, for my Gran I intend to keep his memory alive.

If you would like to read more 5 on Friday posts then use the link in the side bar

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