A few days away………..

I have had a few days away in Northumberland. I wish I had time to get the watercolours out, these photo’s make me want to paint, I love big dramatic skies.

budle bayP1220930P1220931P1220937P1230004P1230051


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Another small step – WOYWW

I have finally found a bit of time to play, a few weeks ago I managed to make a plaster mould so I can cast my own vases. Today I got the slip out and had  go at pouring. I discovered the hard way that if you don’t put the bands on properly all the slip runs out and makes a mess, how do I know?

Best not to ask!

Here is the plaster mould being made.

Yes, I have a mould!P1200124 After a very messy time, (which I forgot to photograph), I have 2 porcelain vases drying out. P1220837

I know there is a lot that can go wrong before these pieces are finished but I’m learning all the way. Just wondering if I should wait until bisque fired to try and smooth them up a bit more.

Now if you would like to see what Julia and everyone has on their worktables today head over to Stamping Ground

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New coloured bottle dishes and iridised glass pendants

I have been absent from my blog for a while but sometimes there’s so much to do, and so little time to do it.

I have found time to add stock to my shop, I’ve recently updated Flat Bottles and Fired Art Jewellery with some new stock. I’m really pleased with how my shop is looking just now.

These bottle dishes, or trays came out of the kiln this morning, they should be listed soon. I love the colours and textures, a humble recycled empty wine bottle can become a thing of beauty, and these melted bottle dishes have a multitude of uses, I think they will look great with some tea lights, don’t you think?

bottle dishglass bottle tray

melted bottle dish

I have some fused glass pendants to list on Etsy too, a pretty, dainty dichro square pendant, so easy to wear, and a couple of iridised pendants which a cubic zirconia fused into the pendant. I love the way the glass cushions the little jewel. fused glass pendants

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Skiddaw, a new challenge

I’ve been planning a trip to climb Skiddaw, waiting for good weather, today seemed perfect until we got there, it was cloudy on top and very very windy but ok lower down.

It’s a long steady climb to the summit but the path is very good all the way up.

The views are amazing and would have been better if it had been clear, you can see the North and Western Fells, Scotland, Isle of Man, Yorkshire and Northumberland, I felt on top of the world.

Enough said, the photos will speak for themselves.

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I am late today with my WOYWW post  but the weather was set to be good so we headed off to climb Skiddaw, which we have been planning for a while. The weather wasn’t quite so good when we got there, a bit cloudy at the top, and very windy indeed.

So very briefly as I’m really tired, here’s what’s on my work table
I’m putting my feet up and off to have a look at Julia’s blog to see what everyone has been doing.


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How to paint glass with overglaze enamels

A very easy glass painting project  for painting a streaky glass effect using overglaze enamels. Hopefully it’s printable! Jill

Have fun experimenting with your overglaze enamels, why not try texturing with cling film (saran), or even stencilling.

Have a look at my china painting tutorials as a lot of the information, like penwork,  translates to glass painting too.

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I’ve had such a lot going on recently that I haven’t had time to join in with WOYWW which is hosted by Julia at Stamping ground.

This is what’s on my table today, the bowl is painted with lustres, the colours will change in the firing process.

lustre painting
I have made some coasters for a gallery using a different glass.



Also a shoal of fish for a seaside themed exhibit, these were UFO’s, I actually started them 5 years ago.


A stash of silver jewellery needing an oxidised patina and finishing off.


Now I’m off to hop around some blogs to see what everyone is doing, enjoy your day.

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A busy week of R&R

It’s been a busy week since Woolfest last weekend, I can’t believe we have done so much in a week. Woolfest was amazing, as always. I learned something new, Tunisian crochet, and I also learned you can use the drink Kool Aid to dye yarn. I must have a go at this sometime soon.

Note to self……. gather some fleece when out walking!

Last Sunday we took the ferry to the Isle of Man for a few lovely days with friends, I even had a paddle in the sea at Port Erin.
Douglas, Isle of Man

Port Erin, Isle of Man

The weather has been good  recently so we have been out walking, the problem is everyone else has had the same idea, Castlerigg stone circle looked like a bus trip had arrived.

Castlerigg stone circle

Castlerigg stone circle
Keswick is always lovely, especially down by the lake, and the fish and chips aren’t too bad either.Derwentwater

KeswickToday we did some proper fell walking, there are places you can escape the tourists and have the Fells to yourself. Blake Fell is one of my favourite walks, there are steep climbs but they are interspersed with easier stretches to get the breath back, and the views of the Western Fells can’t be beaten in my book.   Today was a sunny but breezy, the air seemed filled with the song of a multitude of sky larks, do they ever shut up I wonder.

The Western Fells from Blake Fell

Western Fells, lake District

The Lake District It hasn’t all been play though, I have been working too, my handpainted porcelain is still selling as fast as I can paint it, but you have seen that already.  I’ve been playing with a new line of glass too, different COE, and I’ve some silver clay jewellery in the kiln right now so hopefully I will have something new to show you soon.

Oh, I’ve made some glass fish too, will show you on Wednesday………



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Fused glass jewellery – dress up your holiday wardrobe this summer

I have missed blogging recently, I am still catching up with work after my week’s holiday, I thought I’d have time to add a lot of new stock to my Etsy shop, but sales at the galleries are going so well I’m having to send most of my supplies to them, but I have kept some for my shop.

I know the weather has been a bit of a let down this summer, but fused glass jewellery can brighten up any day. I love to wear my dichroic fused glass pendants and earrings on holiday, they work with so many outfits and get commented on quite often. These pendants can transform a simple T shirt.

I do have a few more to add to my Etsy shop but this is what I’ve added so far this week.

fused glass jewellery for your summer holidays

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Crovie – an inspiration

I spent last week in a wonderful fishing village called Crovie, (pronounced Crivie). To call it a village is an exaggeration, it’s a single row of cottages built below the cliffs on the rocky shore. These cottages were built after the highland clearances as the land belonged to no one. A fierce storm in 1953 washed away some of the cottages and most of the residents moved out. This, and the location means that Crovie has not been developed and is one of the best preserved fishing villages in Europe.

The place was such and inspiration, and left me wanting to get out the watercolours again. I love the cottages but I also love the light on the sea and those moody skies.













We saw lots of wildlife in the area including seals, dolphins, and lots of birds, more to follow later.


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