Ecoprinting throughout the year – March

March is here, it’s time for more ecoprinting / botanical printing experiments.

If you want to see the rest of the year type “Ecoprinting throughout the year” into the search box.

In the future there will be posts comparing plants for example, and a beginners step by step guide to printing on paper my way.


Pot – Rusty roasting tin

Water – Tap water with vinegar.

Paper – Windsor & Newton cartridge paper, watercolour paper

Mordant – alum acetate

Leaf dip – rust water, the cranesbill leaves were soaked for about 5 minutes rather than just dipped in rust water.

Plants – dried acer leaves, dried wild cranesbill , aquilegia, new rose leaves, hellebore, gerbera from a bouquet of flowers.

Cooking time – 40 minutes, turned, 40 minutes.

Blanket – hellebore and gerbera being thick flowers benefit from a thick blanket like felt or old blanket.


The gerbera flower in this photo is just the stain coming through from the flower on the other side of the paper.

Conclusion – Aquilegia leaf printed rust , which was unexpected so was the print from the new rose leaf. The dried acer and cranesbill were as good as I expected. The cranesbill prints were dark due to the longer soak in iron water. The bright pink gerbera printed yellow.

As the leaf buds are starting to open next month I will be trying out ecoprinting on paper with new foliage.

2 thoughts on “Ecoprinting throughout the year – March

  1. Molina

    Je découvre votre site.
    Magnifiques créations.
    En revanche, je suis totalement novice dans l eco printing et m’interroge sur les matériaux de base.
    Sur quels matériaux faites vous les empreintes ?
    De l’argile ?
    Vous parlez de cuisson. Qu’est ce qui cuit ? A combien de degrés ?
    Merci de m’éclairer.

    De mon côté, je fais de la céramique et suis naturellement encline à travailler avec des empreintes végétales que je peins aux oxydes.

    Merci de votre réponse

    1. eganj1 Post author

      Hello Isabelle, thank you for your comments.
      So far I am ecoprinting on paper and fabric however I believe it is possible to ecoprint on ceramics. I have tried this once with not such good results.
      As my prints are on paper the term ‘cooking’ means boiling ( in this case) or steaming over boiling water.
      I will give step by step instructions for ecoprinting on paper eventually when I have time.
      You might like to search ‘ecoprinting’ on my blog as I am sure I have a video showing the process in more detail.
      I too love making ceramic plant prints.


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